After Being Spotted on the Beaches of Hawaii, Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders Crash Their Car in Beverly Hills

After Being Spotted on the Beaches of Hawaii, Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders Crash Their Car in Beverly Hills

After a good time at the beach, Pete Davidson ended the day by crashing, literally. The comedian known for his comedy and dating rap has had the paparazzi’s attention for a while now. Although the focus this time began with him going on a date along with his new girlfriend, Chase Sui Wonders.

The actors are safe and it has caused no harm to any human, but there certainly was some property damage. How exactly did he go from chilling at the beach to running into a property? Here are details about the incident.

Details of the car crash involving Pete Davidson

Pete Davidson has earned the tag for dating some of the most beautiful women in the industry. But the comedian found himself being in the spotlight for an unexpected reason recently. As per TMZ, he and his Bodies Bodies Bodies co-star ran into his neighbor’s house, with their Mercedez. Fortunately, neither the residents nor the people around were hurt. Thereafter, cops were called to the scene for investigation. As per reports, the car somehow lost its control and skidded onto the lawn, even breaking open a fire hydrant.

The reasons for the crash are not exactly known yet. Apparently, it was not a case of drunk and driving, and no drug consumption as well. Even the neighbors did not try to get anyone arrested in the situation, but there certainly was damage to make up for. It is to be known what sort of arrangement they fix with Davidson for the incident. So far, damage can be seen below the window wall of the neighbor’s house externally.

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This sudden turn of events occurs after a lovely day at the beach, where the new couple were seen getting cozy. After his breakup with Kim Kardashian, the entertainer moved on rather quickly.

How Chase Sui Wonder ended up in the car with the comedian

Chase Sui Wonder and Davidson have been going on dates regularly since they starred in the movie together. While the comedian was famously linked to Kim Kardashian after her breakup with Kanye West, it lasted for a brief time.

Thereafter, they have been going out pretty regularly. From going shopping at Whole Foods to visiting Universal Studios and even spending New Year’s together. So far, neither of them has responded after the car crash incident, though.

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