After Balenciaga, Harry Styles Gets Wrapped Into Controversy for His New Gucci Campaign

After Balenciaga, Harry Styles Gets Wrapped Into Controversy for His New Gucci Campaign

Harry Styles and Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele are kindred spirits, having known each other for years now. The English singer has been one of the most ravishing presenters displaying the unique collection of the brand. From a striking floral suit to being the first person to wear a full menswear look from Michele’s Gucci, these two had a great collaboration.

Likewise, we recently saw the Italian designer supplying clothes for Harry’s world tour as well as the promo trail for My Policeman and Don’t Worry Darling. Continuing their professional relationship, the musician also did a campaign with the brand, which didn’t turn out well for him. Now the 28-year-old superstar is wrapped in a notorious controversy just like Balenciaga.

Harry Styles’ Gucci campaign gains fan backlash

The official page of Gucci recently posted photos of Harry Styles from the HA HA HA ad campaign on Instagram. The Grammy winner was sporting a shirt with an angry-looking pink teddy bear coupled with lyrics from his song on it. While in the other photo, he was holding a child-size mattress as he posed for the campaign.

“I want more berries and that summer feeling,” read the shirt. Sounds familiar? Yes, these lines were borrowed from his 2019 song Watermelon Sugar. Gucci captioned the post “A performance piece starring Harry Styles and the Gucci HA HA HA collection. Discover the campaign at the link in bio.”

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The photos arrived days after the Balenciaga scandal flooded the internet. You might remember how people called out the luxury brand for their BDSM campaign, where kids were photographed holding teddy bears wearing sexual bondage gear.

Similarly, people found this campaign featuring the Matilda singer disgraceful implying the same abusive thing that Balenciaga did. One user posted on Twitter “Why are all fashion brand ad makers sick creeps?”

While a second user stated that it is “not a good look” for a famous and grown man like Styles.

“A child’s mattress and a teddy bear shirt, nothing to see here unless you’re a perv,” remarked another.

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The campaign was shot in November and neither Gucci nor Harry Styles have addressed this issue brought up by people. What do you think? Do Hollywood stars need to be a little more careful with the themes of campaigns? Tell us your views in the comment section!

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