After an Emmy Snub, Sadie Sink Lays a Claim for Oscar for Taylor Swift’s Short Film All Too Well

After an Emmy Snub, Sadie Sink Lays a Claim for Oscar for Taylor Swift’s Short Film All Too Well

Sadie Sink may have been robbed of her Emmy nomination this year, but she might get an Oscar for her role in Taylor Swift’s All Too Well. The twenty-year-old actress first came into prominence with her role in Stranger Things in its second installment. Her character soon became an integral part of the series. When the series was on a break, she extended her horizon and landed the role in Taylor’s directorial debut, All Too Well opposite Dylan O’Brien.

All Too Well starring Sadie Sink is now in the race to take home an Oscar

After nearly a decade of releasing her power ballad, All Too Well, singer-songwriter Taylor Swift wrote and directed the short film. It’s not just a music video, but a tale about a young woman that slowly finds herself out of depth. According to reports, Sadie’s film got an entry to the Oscars in the Live Action Short category. 

The 14-minute short film was released simultaneously online on November 12 and at AMC London Square in NYC. Due to its release window, the short film couldn’t enter the Best Picture Contest. The Oscars has set criteria: Only the films that have been released in the calendar year preceding the Oscar ceremony are eligible. However, since the criteria are different for Live Action Short films, Sadie’s film had no problem entering the race. 

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Will the actress reprise her role as Max in the next season of Stranger Things?

Max was dealing with a lot of pent-up emotions in the fourth season of the show. And she ended up becoming the target of Vecna. In the finale, Max is left brain dead. But since she’s such an important part of Hawkins, the actress is definitely going to return for the last season.

Fans were left raging against the Emmys when Sadie Sink was left out of it. But this news might reduce some of their anger!  The actress will once again appear on screen in Darren Aronofsky’s The Whale

Do you think All Too Well will win an Oscar? Comment down your thoughts.

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