After AI Generated Image, Will Tom Holland Get Emma Watson as a Co-Star for Upcoming Netflix Movie, ‘Legend of Zelda’?

After AI Generated Image, Will Tom Holland Get Emma Watson as a Co-Star for Upcoming Netflix Movie, ‘Legend of Zelda’?

Imagine Harry Potter’s Emma Watson starring in the Netflix movie Legend of Zelda. The video game series is one of the top fan favorites. And since adaptations of novels and games often become a hit, there was excitement over the news of this game being brought to life. That too with a dynamic young cast.

The 90s adorable gaming character Mario is finally getting its due recognition in modern times with the 2023 Super Mario Bros movie, which will have Jurassic Park actor Chris Pratt in the lead. However, Zelda coming on the screens would have the perfect competition of the Japanese creator’s fantasy action game. In fact, the news came as a pleasant surprise when a photo of British actress Emma Watson as a Zelda character surfaced. But is this poster news or a mere rumor?

Is the Netflix Legend of Zelda poster starring Emma Watson real?

The Nintendo creation Legend of Zelda has recently been in the news, flashing photos of Sadie Sink, Tom Holland, and Emma Watson in the lead amongst others. Sink is portrayed as the red-headed, sweet-looking character of Malon and Spiderman star Tom Holland plays Link, while Harry Potter star Emma Watson is the lead character, Zelda.

The news created much buzz, as it seemingly brought together these talented individuals. But unfortunately, the post proved that some things really are too good to be true. The shiny and realistic poster is, in fact, a fan creation. It all began when an account by the name Dan Leveille posted a photo of Holland as Link and thereon went on to release a full photo of the full major cast for the Legend of Zelda. So no such real movie is in the making, at least as of now. And it is, in fact, a work of AI and Photoshop as Dan mentioned in the post.

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However, some fans still refuse to believe it and are continuing to share the poster. At least Nintendo, who is creating the Mario movie currently, will have a ready list of cast members if they decide to actually make a Zelda movie. What do you think of the fans casting choice? Is it perfect? Let us know in the comments.

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