After a Twisting Finale, ‘Partner Track’ Might Get Season 2

After a Twisting Finale, ‘Partner Track’ Might Get Season 2

Arden Cho, best known for her role as Marnie in Teen Wolf, is the lead of Partner Track, a new legal drama series on Netflix. This drama, developed by Georgia Lee, is based on Helen Wan’s 2013 book The Partner Track.  Season 1 of the series debuted on August 26, 2022, and is worth watching. The plot of the shoe centers on Arden Cho’s portrayal of Ingrid Yun, a young, ambitious Korean American lawyer. The first attorney in the family is Ingrid. Working at the prominent but traditional Parsons Valentine legal firm in New York City, she may be seen resolving a hot and romantic love triangle.

Partner track, a new Netflix series, features 10 episodes in its first season. But we have brought you some news regarding its second season. Read further to find out!

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Netflix hints Partner Track season 2

In an interview with Deadline, Netflix’s Head of Drama Development Jinny Howe praised Partner Track. Howe said that she was quite happy with how the first set of episodes turned out and that there were already discussions about how to go with a second series in the remark.

She said, “We have early thoughts about what Season 2 might be; I know that our creator Georgia Lee has a very strong perspective on what Season 2 would be.”

Ingrid experienced both the highs of success and the stinging scars of treachery in the Partner Track conclusion. This left its protagonists in some unexpected places. The plot is left unfinished so that it might be developed later. However, as viewers are well aware, Netflix hasn’t been hesitant to axe dramas after only one season. This happens often for reasons that aren’t immediately apparent. Recently, the Resident Evil television series was canceled after only one season. These choices often have unexpected effects on other Netflix shows because viewers are hesitant to engage in a tale and universe that could conclude suddenly and without resolution.

Well, the announcement from a senior Netflix official does offer a strong sense that the adaptation will at least continue on to another chapter for Partner Track lovers. The series has distinguished itself by attempting to portray the tale of a character who doesn’t often get to occupy the center of the frame.

If you haven’t watched the show yet, binge it now on Netflix.

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