After a gruesome departing, Stranger Things’ sweethearts Eddie and Chrissy are finally together and they look adorable

After a gruesome departing, Stranger Things’ sweethearts Eddie and Chrissy are finally together and they look adorable

Ever since Stranger Things came into existence, it has always been a saga of sudden deaths and heartbreaking separations. Starting from Eleven’s childhood where she was parted from her mother to Bob, the superhero’s death that left Joyce shattered, it’s always about endings that still make us teary to this day. Also, we should start by acknowledging the fact that death in Stranger Things is if nothing else, a very relative thing. With that, we’ve had one dynamic duo that suffered one of the most terrific deaths on-screen but has yet managed to stick together.

Both Eddie Munson and Chrissy Cunningham had a knack for being the memorable one-season characters for Stranger Things. Sadly, the Hawkins High budding sweethearts met with a gut-punching unexpected death that broke out hearts. However, given their tragic end, it was a delight to see them back in a picture together.

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Stranger Things’ Eddie Munson and Chrissy Cunningham delight the fans with a tweet

In a recent tweet, two cast members of the megahit show gave us an overwhelming surprise. They were seen sharing the same frame. After such an intense season of the franchise, this came as wholesome content that we’d have paid to see. Grace Van Dien, the star who played the cheerleader Chrissy, posted the tweet which showed the two stars in a monochromatic picture full of warmth and happiness.

Counting the top picks for the reasons we love Eddie never stops and he’s been the Kingpin of the entire season 4. Although tagged as a freak at the beginning, the character reveals his actual self after the horrific death of the cheerleader Chrissy Cunningham.

Edi-ssy was the best on-screen couple of Strangers Things

A Satanic Panic, metalhead, and nerd at heart, Eddie Munson emerged as a character arc who ended up being everyone’s favorite. Chrissy, who had a thing for drugs, approached Eddie for a bag of one in the first episode of Stranger Things season 4. But in the woods, instead of exchanging drugs, the two exchanged glances and giggles. They had some bonafide chemistry that was just catching the flames.

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However, to their hard luck, they tragically went down into the clutches of Vecna. That was just one of the very few heart-wrenching scenes that we witnessed in the previous season. Thankfully we don’t have to live with such saddening scenes forever as Stranger Things 5 is all set to fill the void.

With all the pomp and show skirting around the upcoming season next year, are you excited for the final swing that’ll dawn on Hawkins? Do let us know in the comments.

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