After 10 Years Of Callie Torres, What Made Sara Ramírez Quit Grey’s Anatomy?

After 10 Years Of Callie Torres, What Made Sara Ramírez Quit Grey’s Anatomy?

The iconic American web series Grey’s Anatomy with a back-to-back hold of 18 seasons has become a classic on Netflix. With a great cast and humorous plot, the show has received several awards, including Golden Globe Award for Best Television Series – Drama. However, the individual performance of Sara Ramirez got much appreciation from the audience. Unfortunately, she left the show in 2016 after playing the bold Carrie for 12 seasons. Viewers are still under the charm of her acting and were surprised to know when she left the show.

Was the show Grey’s Anatomy hampering Sara Ramirez’s personal life?

Sara Ramirez left the show with her last words that she would like to have “Me time”, as she couldn’t make time for her personal life while playing Dr. Callie Torres for a long time. In her interview with Variety, she expressed that sometimes actors lose their identity when they spend their time being a character.

Eventually, Ramirez felt emotionally, mentally, and physically drained to keep going on as Dr. Callie Torres in Grey’s Anatomy. She said it’s been a long decade since she debuted in the second season and now her time came to an end. Therefore, the show concluded with her character in season 12 as she moved to New York City with her girlfriend Penny.

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Sara Ramirez’s experience being Callie for a decade

Viewers instantly fell in love with the fun-loving character of Callie and Ramirez became popular from the beginning.  But with the story moving forward, the complexities of the role increased and demanded more emotional output in grave scenes. For instance, Arizona’s accident by a plane crash cost her a leg and Callie’s marriage life became chaotic. Eventually, they both got divorced, which had a heavy toll on Callie’s character after parting from her life partner.

Regardless of her exit from the show, there is still hope that beloved Callie might come back to the show again. Did you love her character in the show? Will you miss her?

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