“I don’t know” – Academy President Answers If Will Smith Should Get His 2022 Oscar Trophy Engraved

“I don’t know” – Academy President Answers If Will Smith Should Get His 2022 Oscar Trophy Engraved

Will Smith may have been banned from the Oscars, but he left it with a trophy. The actor will certainly not return to the awards for the next 10 years. But one cannot deny that he bagged the well-deserved award for his role in King Richard. Smith recently put out his wish of engraving the trophy, especially since he could not attend the Governor’s party.

The majority of members of the Academy board are keeping their distance from the actor. But the Oscars president has now responded to Smith’s wish. She answered whether he could get it engraved and her thoughts on the slap gate incident.

Janet Yang opens up on whether Will Smith can have his name engraved

A couple of other events usually follow the Oscars event. But considering Will Smith’s slap gate incident, he could not make it to all of them last year. But the actor took to TikTok asking his fans to pick up an object and ask what it thinks of it itself. He then proceeded to showcase his Academy Award and confessed his wish to get it engraved. The winners usually get it engraved during the Governor’s party, but Smith’s wide criticism stopped him from making public appearances since the Oscars night.

Oscar’s President Janet Yang revealed her thoughts on the Oscar’s Chatter podcast of The Hollywood Reporter. Touching on the topic of Will Smith, she did advise him to have his name on the prize, stating how he deserved to win it for his acting skills. “I don’t know if he should personally come,” she cautioned but suggested that someone from his side could approach on his behalf.

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Time has passed, but not many have still forgotten the fateful night, especially with the actor feeling its scars even now.

The aftermath of Oscar’s incident was more than just an unnamed trophy

It has been a year since the Oscar incident should the entertainment industry. Despite winning the major Best Actor award, almost everyone turned vocal against his actions. Even Yang, who was present at the venue, assumed it was a joke at first. She thought that the Ali actor would simply pretend to punch rock until he actually did it.

The scandal resulted in Smith going underground for months. After a much-needed delay, he released his movie Emancipation, which did not make entry to Oscar’s despite much buzz. With the Oscars taking place tomorrow, it will be seen if the actor is mentioned anyhow during the ceremony.

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Do you think Will Smith deserves to have his name engraved on the Oscars trophy? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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