“Absolutely loved it” – Millie Bobby Brown Sings Praises of HBO’s ‘White Lotus’ Ahead of Season 3

“Absolutely loved it” – Millie Bobby Brown Sings Praises of HBO’s ‘White Lotus’ Ahead of Season 3

With speculations about White Lotus season 3 already on, Millie Bobby Brown could be a surprise with an appearance in the show. The actress recently showed her interest in joining the cast. With season 4 of Stranger Things over, the actress has largely been busy working in films. But her career majorly began with the Netflix show, and this could be a perfect opportunity to show up on another series.

The dark-comedy-based White Lotus has been making rounds, with both fans and cast wondering who could join the next season. Having a bubbly and charming personality, Brown was asked if she would be interested in the opportunity. Here is what the 19-year-old had to say.

Millie Bobby Brown, admiring White Lotus, reveals her interest in the show

Millie Bobby Brown recently announced her partnership with Essentia Waters. With everything good going on, the actress got candid in an interview with Seventeen. While touching upon several hot topics, she was asked about being a fan of White Lotus. “I watched Season 2, and I absolutely loved it”, she replied. The actress liked the show because it managed to stay impressive with every single episode.

It prompted the interviewer to ask whether she would consider working in it in its future season. The actress replied with an affirmation stating how she could not reject such an opportunity. Especially now that she has done enough work. Having worked on Stranger Things, experience is on her side as she moves ahead.

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Like the sci-fi show, HBO’s original White Lotus became an instant hit due to its fantastic cast and plot. Here is a look into the series so far.

The plot, success, and future of White Lotus

White Lotus is set up in a luxury resort, with the series being shot in areas like Hawaii and Sicily. The series revolves around the interesting personalities of its guests and employees and the background story that lands them where they are. Actress Jennifer Coolidge rose to be the star of the series. Not only did the show receive a critical appraisal, but Coolidge also grabbed Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Supporting Actress for her part. With her character dying, it is yet to be seen what other actor can fill the vacuum.

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