A Young Millie Bobby Brown Once Revealed How a Fire Ruined Very First Sleepover with New Friend Maddy Ziegler

A Young Millie Bobby Brown Once Revealed How a Fire Ruined Very First Sleepover with New Friend Maddy Ziegler

Millie Bobby Brown may have grown up in the limelight, but the actress had the same struggles as any other youngster. Coming from humble beginnings to becoming a big star the actress suddenly saw herself hanging out with big celebrities. That also meant opportunities to have other stars as your friends. For the actress, one such star was Dance Moms’ talent, Maddy Ziegler.

With struggles and schedules, Brown did not get a chance to have a proper sleepover. It was through her new friend Ziegler that the actress finally found an opportunity to do so. But one unforeseen circumstance poured water over her plans.

How an incident ruined the first sleepover for Millie Bobby Brown

Millie Bobby Brown was still new to the world of Stranger Things when she met her idol, Maddy Ziegler. During an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, the actress opened up about her first sleepover with the dancer. She was happy about being invited to the sleepover party, and all was going well until an incident happened.

So I go over and at like 3 o’clock in the morning the fire alarm comes on,” she said. Everybody had to rush out of the house for safety measures. But Brown started crying since her first sleepover was ruined.

Not only was this her first time sleeping over at a friend’s place, but it was also with one of her favorite celebrities. She referred to the dancer as her best friend back then and added how they went through several things together as friends after that. Their friendship stands strong even today, especially considering the successful career paths that both have been on.

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But Brown would not have been where she is if it was not for Zeigler. The actress once revealed how seeing the dancer made her want to strive hard, too.

Maddy Ziegler was Millie’s inspiration

It was during Screen Actor’s Guild Awards in 2018 when the actress confessed that Maddy Ziegler inspired her. They did not even know each other back then. But Brown thought that if Ziegler could make it big, so could she. She managed to reach this stage, clicking photos on red carpets just years after that, because of that thought.

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