A Useless Coward or a Death Evading Genius? Here’s How Jerry Might Be the Cleverest ‘Rick and Morty’ Character to Ever Live and Never Die

A Useless Coward or a Death Evading Genius? Here’s How Jerry Might Be the Cleverest ‘Rick and Morty’ Character to Ever Live and Never Die

Dan Harmon’s genius effortlessly comes alive on-screen with the hilarious and mind-bending Rick and Morty. From the high-concept meta storytelling to the stylistic animation, everything comes together beautifully around the brilliantly-written characters. Whether it’s the grandpa-grandson dynamic of the titular characters Rick and Morty or Beth’s ability to keep them in check, even Summer has amazing chemistry with the rest of the group.

However, one character that receives a lot of flack, is Jerry. He is one of the most incompetent and downright hopeless people on the show, according to fans, particularly for his cowardice and annoying nature. But could this very trait make him somewhat special?

Is Jerry from Rick and Morty immortal?

Married to Rick’s daughter, Beth, Jerry is the father to Morty and Summer. He started off as a classic center among eccentrics, i.e., the helpless guy stuck between complex family dynamics. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for the guy in the first few episodes of Rick and Morty. But that took a drastic 180-degree turn as we got to know Jerry better. He transformed into a lethal combination of a spineless character full of insecurities with a false sense of confidence.

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Yet, there is actual evidence and foreshadowing that there’s no way we can get rid of his irritating personality. It is what makes the guy immortal. #51 titled Death Becomes Him, a Rick and Morty issue created by Magdalene Visaggio, Kyle Starks, Ian McGinty, and Marc Ellerby points to Jerry’s secret ability. And it will only make you dislike him further.

The adventure has Rick, Morty and Jerry attempting to rob a water heater that has heating as well as healing properties. The mission involves substantial risk and ends up with Jerry getting shot in the head and dying. While being escorted to the beyond by Death themselves, Jerry’s signature exasperating and tiresome personality comes to the forefront. He literally annoys Death to the point of no return, and they drop him off back to earth.

And if that wasn’t enough, Jerry’s reaction just takes the cake. There isn’t an ounce of surprise for Jerry after he is back on earth in his human body. In fact, he smugly mutters, “Works every time.” This clearly indicates that Jerry is well aware of his power. While he might not die, his insufferable personality traits and constant whining are sure to put others in grave danger. That is if they don’t kill themselves already out of frustration.

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No wonder Rick believes that his brilliant daughter Beth is wasting her potential on the likes of Jerry. Do you also believe that Jerry from Rick and Morty is immortal? And will this power prove to be a surprising asset instead of a predictable liability? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, stream the show on Netflix.

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