“A solo adventure of Geralt or…” – Back When Henry Cavill Was All Excited to Explore the Future of ‘The Witcher’ Before Tragically Leaving the Netflix Fantasy Series

“A solo adventure of Geralt or…” – Back When Henry Cavill Was All Excited to Explore the Future of ‘The Witcher’ Before Tragically Leaving the Netflix Fantasy Series

Over the years, we have witnessed a handful number of actors who play certain characters so flawlessly that it seems as if they were born to play them. Fitting the description was Henry Cavill as the Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s popular sci-fi show The Witcher. We are no strangers to the legacy the British actor left behind as the Geralt of Rivia. Owing to the love Cavill had for the Witcher games and books, it always seemed like he wanted to play Geralt. Furthermore, as surprising as it sounds, Cavill once had plans for Geralt, even after the source books came to an end.

Henry Cavill bid farewell to The Witcher franchise not long ago. However, the actor always had a great vision and his love for The Witcher knew no bounds. And previously, Cavill opened up about the exciting possibilities for Geralt even after the book material ended. Speaking to IGN, Cavill revealed what he felt the future for Geralt could look like after the books came to an end.

Initially, he described how The Witcher is a fantasy world. So no one knows what happens to Geralt towards the end. In continuation, Cavill spoke about how he heard Andrzej Sapkowski once speak about writing another book. He further described, “Whether it was just going to be a solo adventure of Geralt or something else I do not know. But that could be interesting to explore as well.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cavill even admitted how the creators could also explore the video games franchise. Many of you might now know but The Witcher video games came after the books. The Enola Holmes star explained that the creators could take references from the video games as well. Cavill further spoke how each video game had a different ending and there were several paths the creators could take for the Geralt.

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While the doors to The Witcher franchise have closed to him, Cavill has moved on to other projects, the first look of one of which recently reached us through Instagram.

First look of Henry Cavill from a new project surfaces online

Even after dropping some of his biggest roles, it seems like Cavill is not short on work. As we all know, the British actor announced a handful of projects over the months. Apart from an upcoming Warhammer project, the actor also announced a war film alongside Guy Ritchie. And it seems like we finally have the first look from the upcoming movie.

Not long ago, Cavill took to Instagram sharing a picture from his next project, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare. The British actor is also joined by Alan Ritchson and After star, Hero Fiennes Tiffin as well. As of late, the film is still in production and will release later around in 2024.

Are you excited to see Cavill explore the war genre again? What are your hopes for the movie? Comment down below.

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