A Ryan Gosling Lookalike Celebrity Rapper Spotted; Twitter Goes Insane About the Similarities

A Ryan Gosling Lookalike Celebrity Rapper Spotted; Twitter Goes Insane About the Similarities

One of the many wonders this world has is that, despite having billions of people in it, you find doppelgangers. Especially when the likenesses of famous actors are spotted, it is fascinating for them as well as their fans. Something similar happened with Ryan Gosling recently, who is in the news for his upcoming film Barbie when his doppelgänger was spotted.


Look-alikes are very rare, but sometimes when you spot them, it amazes you how complete strangers can look so similar. However, when The Gray Man‘s lookalike was spotted, the internet went insane. What is more exciting is that the doppelgänger is himself a celebrity, but who is he?

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Ryan Gosling now has a rapper look-alike

This is not the first time Ryan Gosling is compared to a celebrity whom he looks like. He is previously compared to Motherless Brooklyn Alec Baldwin when he was young. He was often misunderstood as Ryan Reynolds, a fellow Canadian actor with the same name. But this time, another celebrity has made it to the list, and surprisingly, he is not white.

Gosling’s most recent look-alike is Jamaican rapper Popcaan, who is known for his songs ‘Ova Dweet’ and ‘Clarcks.’ However, according to some fans on Facebook, he is recently in the headlines for looking like Ryan Gosling’s version 2.0. Even the Twiteratti has come to the agreement that the resemblance between the two is uncanny.

As soon as this comparison was kept in front of the people, they could not unsee it. What made some fans happy was that color was not a parameter in this comparison, and people were not being racist in the comments.

Meanwhile, Gosling works and chills in Australia

On the work front, The Notebook star is currently busy shooting in Australia for another of his anticipated movies, The Fall Guy. His partner, Eva Mendes, along with their two daughters, have moved to Sydney to be with Gosling. The family even had a relaxing time in the Scenic World last week, on the heels of the traffic restrictions that his shoot caused to Sydneysiders. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters in March 2024, but before that, on July 20th, his and Margot Robbie’s Barbie, in which the actor plays the role of Ken doll, will be released.

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Do you also find Popcaan to be an exact look-alike of Ryan Gosling? Let us know in the comments.

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