A Royal Delay! ‘Mission Impossible 8’ Filming Put On Hold as Tom Cruise Flies to London for King Charles’ Coronation

A Royal Delay! ‘Mission Impossible 8’ Filming Put On Hold as Tom Cruise Flies to London for King Charles’ Coronation

Tom Cruise is notorious for sticking to schedules. When the pandemic caused several unforeseen delays to the production of Mission Impossible 7, the actor was not impressed. He could not keep his temper in check and the audio reprimanding everyone on set went viral. However, the 60-year-old is now willing to pause the production for the eighth installment of the million-dollar franchise just so that he can attend the coronation of King Charles.

Tom Cruise is known for his discipline. The actor likes his schedule and loves sticking to it. But he has decided to make an exception for King Charles. And here we thought there was nothing that could stop Cruise from running. Turns out you only just need a royal invite!

Tom Cruise stops Mission Impossible 8 production to attend the coronation of King Charles

The Daily Mail reports that Cruise has asked his staff to pause the development of the sequel for the weekend. He is delaying the shoot in order to fly to London to attend the coronation of King Charles. The man is a royalist, and he received the honor of getting an invitation to the royal event. Apparently, his decision to reschedule the shoots had shocked his crew. But a royal coronation is enough of a reason for the Top Gun star to delay the filming.

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Tom Cruise was also present at the Queen’s platinum jubilee celebrations. Reportedly, the billionaire actor has a close relationship with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Prince William and Kate Middleton were treated to a world-first preview of Top Gun: Maverick. In fact, they also graced the London premiere of the blockbuster movie with their presence. 

Snaps and videos from the event showed the couple chatting with the action legend. The Risky Business star was seen personally introducing the royal couple to his co-stars, Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller, and Jon Hamm. He also offered his hand to the Duchess of Cambridge when they approached a flight of stairs. Royal fans and watchers lauded the gesture. 

The Jerry Maguire actor had also expressed his admiration for Prince William at the event. Talking fondly about him, he disclosed their shared interests in aviation and flying. 

The coronation will take place on May 6, and the Monarch is already making some changes.

Tom Cruise is certainly make the attendance, but will you tune in for the royal event? Share your answers in the comments.

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