A New ‘Stranger Things’ Theory Connecting Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers to Vecna Might Just Blow Your Mind

A New ‘Stranger Things’ Theory Connecting Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers to Vecna Might Just Blow Your Mind

We know it might have started getting a little unnerving for you after the cliffhanger Stranger Things left us with. The wild exit of the penultimate season gave fans many things to ponder, including the fact that this incredible show is going to wrap up. Some people would be feeling exhausted and devastated, thinking endlessly about these mysteries. Viewers can never forget how season 4 somberly ended, with Max in a coma and Eddie dying in Upside Down. However, there are still several intrigued fans who cannot stop finding new things while they wait to get all the answers in the finale.

A new theory shared by a fan on Twitter has blown the minds of people pushing them to wonder whether it is possible or not. The user brought up the idea that remained unnoticed in Stranger Things season 4. In the post, the social media user stated the possibility of Jim Hopper and Joyce Byers knowing the truth about Vecna aka Henry Creel.

According to her, the creators sent Joyce and Hopper away from Hawkins so the storyline gets more twisted and characters keep on searching about the past of 001. Well, one cannot deny that this theory is one of the best ideas among all the speculations circulating on social media right now.

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Seeing this tweet all the Stranger Things fans instantly jumped into the comment section sharing their opinions.

Fans have started a Stranger Things brainstorming session on Twitter

Fans are coming up with the craziest theories to unpack the storyline of the last season. And if we think deeply, some of them did really make sense, so let’s dive into the fan’s imaginative world. The first fan wondered and commented: “IT MAKES SM SENSE!! and it will definitely be playing a part in s5 omg.” 

“Omg i just realized the kids haven’t told them about henry/vecna/one yet. season 5 is starting with some kind of backstory, definitely. as soon as they hear the name, they’ll recognize it,” suggested the second fan.

Moreover, another added that the Russian arc in season 4 holds an essential key to the story and explained “Hopper needed to survive and be bought back to Hawkins, so he and Joyce will have talk about Henry Creel.”

What do you think about this amazing theory? Do you have new ideas for the upcoming massacre? Let us know in the comments.

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