A Man of Steel Return? Ex-Superman Actor Wants to Take Up the Mantle Yet Again in the New DC Universe, and It Is Not Henry Cavill

A Man of Steel Return? Ex-Superman Actor Wants to Take Up the Mantle Yet Again in the New DC Universe, and It Is Not Henry Cavill

There are a lot of discussions and speculations going on around Henry Cavill and his replacement in the DC Universe as Superman. James Gunn has already made it clear the British actor will not reprise the role as he wants to take Superman’s story in another direction. Therefore, a former Man of Steel actor has expressed his desire to come back to the franchise to reprise Superman.

In 2013, Man of Steel saw Cavill surviving in the world of humans and embracing his superpowers. However, the actor who portrayed the younger Clark Kent, Dylan Sprayberry, said to SFX that he wishes to portray young Superman one more time. He said he is open to the possibility of getting cast as Clark Kent in Superman Legacy. However, Gunn hasn’t announced who would portray the young Superman till now. But if Sprayberry opts to play the role, he might be a natural choice given that he’s already worked as Superman in the 2013 film previously.

As James Gunn removed the confusion of Cavill’s reappearance as Man of Steel by stating there was no contract between the actor and the franchise. What does Dylan Sprayberry have to say about it?

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Young Superman Dylan Sprayberry spoke highly about Henry Cavill

In his interview, the Teen Wolf star said he grew up admiring the larger-than-life characters. He said if it made sense to play a younger version of the man with a cape, it would be fun for him. Given he has already done it previously, Sprayberry would love to continue the storyline. He even loved Wolverine when he was a child.

In 2013, Man of Steel featured Dylan Sprayberry as young Clark Kent in his teenage years. While talking about the film, the young actor spoke very highly about The Witcher star. He also adored working with the director of the film, Zack Snyder. The actor already has a great rapport with the members of the studio and the team of the film. Because he has already portrayed the character, he is familiar with the essence of the character as well.

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