“A lot of great talks” – Jabari Banks Opened Up About Help He Got from Will Smith Ahead of ‘Bel-Air’ Season 2

“A lot of great talks” – Jabari Banks Opened Up About Help He Got from Will Smith Ahead of ‘Bel-Air’ Season 2

Jabari Banks was allowed to be his creative self in Bel-Air, thanks to Will Smith. While the actors may be from two different generations, their passion for the art and the series is what brought them together. Now that Banks has reintroduced Smith’s character to the world, he even went up to the original lead for advice.

Season one of the modern series was launched on the Peacock network last year. After its success, season two of the show will release on 23 February 2023 with new drama and action-filled episodes. The current series lead recently opened up about the latest season.

Jabari Banks reveals how Will Smith helped him on the shoots of Fresh Prince

Will Smith has proved to be a big helping hand for his Bel-Air star Jabari Banks. The twenty-four years old returned as a guest on the Today Network to speak about his upcoming show. One of the questions during the interview was about the advice that Will Smith gave him. “We had a lot of great talks”, said Banks while explaining how he was allowed to apply the learnings for his role in the fresh season. The 24-year-old then revealed how he began getting a crisis during the break between season one and season two.

Will Smith is not only the original Fresh Prince, but he is also the executive producer of the show. He first got the idea of a reboot from a fan online. Considering the massive success, the actor decided to bring the 90s show to modern times by giving it a new look, cast and set.

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Just like the show was the beginning of Smith’s career, it was so for Jabari Banks as well. Here is how he came into taking the lead role for the reboot.

From musician to an actor, how Jabari Banks’ journey was a lot like the original Fresh Prince

Will Smith was initially a rapper, who began acting after his successful debut in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The same was the story for newcomer Jabari Banks, who is passionate about music. Coincidentally, even he was born and raised in Philadelphia, before taking an interest in acting.

While he credited his hard work, the young actor also thanked his own luck and the rapport with Will Smith for the fame. It will be seen how season 2 compares to the previous one.

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