A Floor-Blasting Action Sequence Followed by “Hey, Sunshine” Chris Evans in ‘The Gray Man’ Is Nothing but a Delight

A Floor-Blasting Action Sequence Followed by “Hey, Sunshine” Chris Evans in ‘The Gray Man’ Is Nothing but a Delight

It’s impossible to talk about action and thriller movies and not to mention The Gray Man. The movie, which recently made its way to Netflix, is receiving admiration for redefining the action in films. Featuring some of the best actors in the world, the Russo Brothers have produced a really amazing piece of work that is on Netflix’s current trending list. There were some epic scenes in the movie that completely stole the show. Here’s one such that’s got imprinted in the minds of the viewers.

The showdown between Ryan and Chris’ characters in The Gray Man and the stunning dialogue that followed has got viewers crazy

In a recent tweet shared by Netflix, they highlighted the scene where The CIA agent, Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling), exploded the tank, and he and his ex-colleague (Chris Evans) ended up brawling for minutes straight. The one dialogue that followed the fight was Chris Evans’s stunning “Hey, Sunshine” while smashing Ryan into the wall. This has become one of the top favorite scenes of the movie, and fans couldn’t stop agreeing with us about the same.

The original idea behind the movie and where it came from

The film starts with Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six’s entry into the CIA upon recommendation, and his dynamic duo with his colleague, Dina Miranda, who always has his back. They work in a top-tier team and hunt down Assassinations and bad people from the country.

But soon, the agent gets access to some of the secretive information that he doesn’t let the system know about. Eventually, everyone starts following him up to get the information. Hence International Assassins and his ex-colleague, who was once a CIA agent himself, Lloyd, played by Chris Evans, all hunt him down to acquire the key.

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This movie is an adaptation of the book by the same name written by Mark Greaney. Although the book and the movie have some massive differences, the storyline has been parallel in both. Rest all other characters seem to be straight out of the book and wreak havoc on earth. Everything about the movie except some trivial facts aligns with the original source.

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