A Fan Art of ‘Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink as Jean Grey Stuns Marvel Cinematic Universe Fans

A Fan Art of ‘Stranger Things’ Sadie Sink as Jean Grey Stuns Marvel Cinematic Universe Fans

Sadie Sink would fit like a glove as young Jean Grey in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The young dynamic actress played a powerful female character in Stranger Things. The series undoubtedly became one of the most successful Netflix production ever. One of the factors was its power-packed team of young talent. So when the series gained popularity, it took along with it every cast member towards the door of new opportunities.

Naturally, Sadie was one of them. Her role as Max Mayfield displayed a raw character, who manages to deal out brilliant sarcasm while battling the dark cloud of her past. The exposure of doing lively sequences in the series means she possesses the potential to do any action-filled roles coming on her way. So when the topic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe world came up, she was considered a strong candidate and a fan favorite.

The prospect of Sadie Sink as young Jean Grey

Now that the X-Men characters are in MCU’s grip, everyone is excited about the prospect of a big-scale project, honoring all the original characters. While Wolverine has enjoyed a spotlight amongst the whole team, other amazing characters deserve contained love. One of which is Jean Grey, who has so far been brought to life by some amazing actresses like Sophie Turner, Famke Janssen, and Catherine Disher, amongst others.

And if that role is to say significant in the future, the replacement needs to be awesome, or the comic fans would not spare criticism. So when a page on Instagram posted fan art of Sadie Sink as Jean Grey, it astonished everyone, in a good way. The page, in general, posts fan art of different amazing actors in big fantasy roles. There are speculations that Sink will be joining MCU in upcoming projects. Although her role remains unconfirmed to the public.

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Jean Elaine Grey was a creation of Stan Lee. The character has died many times, but being a comic character, she has been resurrected as well. The mutant has multiple telekinetic and psychic powers. Physically one of her features that stands out is her read head, which the Stranger Things actress possesses as well. How do you feel about the fan art and the idea of Sadie Sink playing Jean Grey? Let us know in the comments.

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