A Failed Mission, a Group of Anti-Apartheid Freedom Fighters and a Hostage Situation: Here’s All You Need to Know About Silverton Siege on Netflix

A Failed Mission, a Group of Anti-Apartheid Freedom Fighters and a Hostage Situation: Here’s All You Need to Know About Silverton Siege on Netflix

Money Heist might have ended, but Netflix hasn’t got enough of hostage situations in a bank. We have seen a group of bank hostages in its series Clark, based on the life of Clark Olofsson, the man who gave Stockholm Syndrome its name, And, yet again, we are encountering the same in Silverton Siege. But, things are different this time around. Here is the cast, synopsis, and review of Silverton Siege– everything you need to know to decide whether streaming this film is going to be worth it.

What is Silverton Siege about?

We watch a trio, two men and a woman, named Calvin, Aldo, and Terra during the 1980 siege of Silverton. While the characters we see are fictional, the events that the show surrounds are very real. In 1980, three armed activists attempted to sabotage an oil plant in Silverton. After this mission failed, the trio finally held a bank hostage. The situation involved 25 people being held captive as the activists demand the release of Nelson Mandela.

The cast of the show

While Elon Musk continues to talk about the “woke virus” that has infested Netflix, making everything on the platform “unwatchable“, the platform has released yet another show with a very diverse cast. Set in South Africa, the Netflix Original features some very amazing actors from the country.

We see the following actors bring the events of the Silverton Siege to life:

  • Thabo Rametsi as Calvin Khumalo
  • Noxolo Dlamini as Mbali Terra
  • Stefan Erasmus as Aldo Erasmus
  • Arnold Vosloo as Johan Langerman
  • Tumisho Masha as Sechaba
  • Michelle Mosalakae as Rachel
  • Elani Dekker as Christine
  • Shane Wellington as Cornelius Washington

Silverton Siege reviews- did the film do justice to the real-life events?

While the events that this Netflix Original surrounds are very exciting, both in terms of historical impact and action, the film fails to deliver. The Guardian has said that the movie is “pretty routine stuff, and disappointing.” The threat that all real-life inspired title face is to ensure the line between facts and fiction is well-defined.

With this Netflix film, director Mandla Dube and his policy of 60% factual has left fans disappointed. A user on Metacritic has claimed that the 1 hour 40 minutes long film should only have been 20 minutes long, as the film ends up exaggerating” a small portion of the actual events.

The film does not fail to deliver its anti-Apartheid sentiments. While a lot of the movie might be generic, it does give a rough account of what went down. More than that, it shows fans how a group of activists who couldn’t achieve their short-term goal of getting Mandela out changed the face of an entire country. Their sacrifices started a chain of events and changed perspectives that finally got South Africa its freedom.

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