“A disheveled drunk Henry Cavill” From ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Is Winning All the Fan Hearts

“A disheveled drunk Henry Cavill” From ‘Enola Holmes 2’ Is Winning All the Fan Hearts

(SPOILER ALERT: This article references a particular scene from Enola Holmes 2.) In September 2020, Netflix introduced us to a fresh take on detective films with the quirky and hilarious Enola Holmes. Bringing Enola, the lesser-known of the Holmes siblings to the forefront, the film relegated the great Sherlock Holmes to a supporting role. However, Henry Cavill played the iconic character to perfection. So much so that the audience waited with bated breath for the sequel.

After much anticipation, on November 4, Enola Holmes 2 premiered on Netflix. While it is still early, the response to the mystery flick has been extremely positive so far. In fact, one scene, in particular, has Henry Cavill fans completely gushing over the British actor.

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The Henry Cavill fandom fawns over his drunk scene from Enola Holmes 2

While the film is focused on Millie Bobby Brown as Enola, Henry Cavill is still an extremely important part of the narrative in the film. Having said that, The Witcher actor completely steals the show with his performance in one scene. Enola bumps into Sherlock, her super famous older brother, and finds him pissed drunk outside a pub. What happens next is a fantastic display of Cavill’s acting prowess.

From his slurred speech to his wobbly moments, Cavill’s performance as an inebriated sherlock is absolutely on point. No wonder his fans on Twitter cannot help but express their appreciation and adoration for him and his acting abilities. From calling it the highlight of the whole film to admiring his looks, his fandom has varying degrees of reactions to the scene in question. 

One fan even illustrated how it would be great to have “a disheveled drunk Henry Cavill as sherlock holmes” in their lives.

Another Twitter user compared Cavill’s sozzled portrayal to Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean; the pinnacle of cinematic drunkenness!

One super fan even pointed out the unjustness of Henry Cavill still looking like a million bucks despite being completely sloshed. 

In an interview with USA Today, Cavill shared his secret to playing a convincing drunk on screen. He narrated how, when sober, the Man From U.N.C.L.E actor has jokingly practiced the “drunk talk” multiple times.

The slurring of the words, I think, is the key. Physically acting drunk can fall into the ridiculous if you’re not careful,” divulged the dashing actor.

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What did you think of Henry Cavill’s intoxicating and intoxicated performance? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, you can check out Enola Holmes 2 streaming on Netflix.



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