A 30% Surge! Despite the Kanye West Breakup, Adidas Has Seen a Positive Growth in Demand for the Rapper’s Yeezy Collection Says CEO

A 30% Surge! Despite the Kanye West Breakup, Adidas Has Seen a Positive Growth in Demand for the Rapper’s Yeezy Collection Says CEO

Kanye West may have left Adidas, but the demand for Yeezy’s has only gone up ever since. Both the brand and the designer have reaped profits from their collaboration for over a decade. But the sales became extremely volatile since parting ways. While there have been reports of the brand struggling to sell, a recent source claims otherwise.

There has certainly been a negative stir around the line, and Adidas has stopped further production as well. But it has not stopped buyers from giving continued love to the line. CEO of Impossible Kicks, John Mocadlo explained the reason behind it.

How the Yeezy line has seen a surprising surge despite the split

While there have been reports of Adidas’ struggling to sell the Yeezy’s, there is a surprising surge. As per CNN, Impossible Kicks is a website that sells premium shoes and one of their top-selling lines is the Yeezy shoes. “Demand for Yeezys has surged 30% since last October-November,” said the CEO. They sell about 30,000 shoes a month, out of which, 6000-7000 are the Yeezy pairs. The Yeezy 350 is their best seller, with a resale value appreciating at 20-40% costing up to $350-400. Now there are a few reasons why they are selling like hotcakes.

One is that the brand has stopped further production, and while demand increases the supply, lack of supply also increases demand. There are also those who buy it for the resale value, while others simply love the style and comfort of it. Surprisingly, there are also buyers who are completely unaware of Ye’s controversies.

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In the last few months, the fashion line has been constantly in news for the famous split between Ye and Adidas, and how it affected both parties.

The aftermath of Adidas’ split with Kanye West

After turning a blind eye to Ye’s comments for a long time, Adidas was forced to end the collaboration after nearly a decade. But not only did West lose his billionaire status because of it, but the brand also faced consequences. Many stores stopped selling the Yeezy brand to condemn the entertainer.

Adidas, on the other hand, is bracing itself to lose $1.3 billion in earnings, unsure of what to do with the stock. Although there has also been an update of Ye and the brand likely coming up with a solution to sell the rest of the products.

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