7 Years Later, Kanye West’s “Real Friends” Still Relevant for Him, What Misery Inspired the Track?

7 Years Later, Kanye West’s “Real Friends” Still Relevant for Him, What Misery Inspired the Track?

In the past year, Kanye West has been out and about ruling and ruining his self-created billion-dollar worth fashion empire. And fans at home really miss him. By home, we mean the building blocks of Kanye West’s popularity and what makes people stand by him despite the controversies: his music. Despite the Grammy-winning artist being a part of nearly every bizarre headline, the fact that he made a stellar album like The College Dropout has fans hanging on to him by a thin thread.

While The College Dropout with its piercing lyrics such as  “And just imagine how my girl feel On the plane, scared as hell that her guy look like Emmett Till” took storytelling to another level. Ye’s Real Friends despite its generic title came very close to his magnum opus. And now, in 2023, the song completes its seven years of brilliance and unfortunately is still as relevant for the Grammy-winning rapper.

Real Friends by Kanye West completes seven years of excellence and relevance

In 2016, the year that Kanye West pushed his feud with Taylor Swift to new boundaries, he applied the same approach to his music earlier in the year. Ye dropped Real Friends to start of 2016 after he dropped the ever-shady Facts. While Facts entailing the never-ending shade would have been the perfect song to set the tone for his music for the rest of the year, Kanye West, the recipient of 24 Grammy awards, dropped Real Friends fully equipped with emotional lyrics and alternating voices of Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign to be a trademark for heartbreak season.

With Facts, the singer did not hold his tongue back when taking names, however with Real Friends, he opts for a mysterious approach. “Real friends, how many of us? How many of us, how many jealous?” Ye starts it off strong.

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The singer known for speaking his mind, irrespective of how polarizing his opinions may be, displays clear vulnerability in his tracks.

Not taking names, damaged family bonds, and trust issues, were the themes of his song in 2016 but now seem like the recurring plot of his life. Ye in 2016 rapped about having trust issues with his family and friends and made a stellar track, and in recent years, he has opted for tweeting and becoming a meme sensation instead.

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