$6.8 Billion Worth 1Password Attracts Celebrity Investors Including Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey Jr., and Other ‘X-Men’ Stars

$6.8 Billion Worth 1Password Attracts Celebrity Investors Including Ryan Reynolds, Robert Downey Jr., and Other ‘X-Men’ Stars

He is a husband, father, actor, owner of the third oldest professional football club, philanthropist, and investor. He is none other than the Canadian actor, Ryan Reynolds. Along with the 46-year-old actor, Avengers stars have invested their money in the future safety of digital password-protected platforms.

As reported by Benzinga, Deadpool actor, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, the Black Widow actress, and more have invested in the company named 1Password. Not only these movie stars but also music industry giants like Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, and more are also supporters of the company. Other major companies like LinkedIn Corporation, Backbone Angels, and Tiger Global Management LLC are also investors.

With the support of these many investors, the company gathered $6.8 billion. While the company is working for the future of security, what exactly do they want to do?

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What does Ryan Reynolds backed 1Password want to do?

The company announced that it will provide the choice of creating and unlocking 1Password accounts by using the biometric-based passkey technology. Steve Won, who is the CPO of the company, also opened up about it. He revealed the passkey would definitely replace all passwords. By bringing in new technology, the company is contributing a great deal to the security of data. This marks as a bold move from the company, given how a core part of its service has been revolving around passwords in the years it has been in the industry.

Apart from 1Password, other major companies like Apple Inc., Google, etc., also have their own way of securing the data of their users. While we live in a world where everything is possible including breaking into someone’s digital security systems, bringing the new passkey technology seems a smart idea.

Apart from being an investor in 1Password, the Red Notice actor is also expanding his Maximum Efforts in his native land, Canada. He wants to create the biggest creative platform in Ontario. Reynolds also revealed he was excited about this project. While expanding his business in his native land, he is also enhancing his other company, Mint Mobile. The actor is also preparing for his upcoming Deadpool 3. 

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Apart from being just an actor, the Vancouver-born actor is also a brilliant businessman. However, these actors, celebrities, and companies are trying to save the world off the screen as well. Tell us what you think about it in the comment box below.

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