5 Reasons Why The John Wick Parody Episode “Pickle Rick” From ‘Rick And Morty Season 3 Deserves A Re-Watch

5 Reasons Why The John Wick Parody Episode “Pickle Rick” From ‘Rick And Morty Season 3 Deserves A Re-Watch

The adult American sitcom Rick and Morty is one of the highly praised animations that is adored for its usual weird and random episodes. Depicting Rick Sanchez eccentric scientist and his grandson Morty Smith was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The show’s unique humor and intelligence have taken viewers on various domestic and interdimensional adventures. People loved the creativity embedded in it by the Rick family. 

Despite the consideration and acclaim, the series received there is one episode whose significance has been overlooked by everyone. Because several reasons show that the “Pickle Rick” episode reflects when Rick turned himself into a Pickle following a new adventure. Here’s how viewers can find out how this episode explores different elements vaguely. 

5 reasons why Pickle Rick episode from Rick and Morty deserves a rewatch

The contemptuous sci-fi series Rick & Morty always had an absurd way to give its message things almost unimaginable to the viewers. Episode 3 of season 3 depicts Ricky who tries to escape a family therapy session. As a scientist, he doesn’t believe in such things. 

The most misunderstood moment is the speech of the therapist in the final minutes of the episode has been majorly overlooked by the audience. Where she is trying to bring out the chaotic truth of relationships, personal care, and mental stability of human beings. Because they tend to ignore these things bargaining it with intelligence while people like Rick would just slide down a much gory path than accept it. 

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Other reasons

The second element is the deeper understanding of the characters that the show never displayed before. The weird experiment Rick has been toiling on the other family members affected their relationships. While Jerry has an unstable job and everyone going to meet a therapist shows their insecurities and problems they are facing. 

Moreover, the fight for survival in an enormous universe where existence becomes a challenging task is another element in episode 3. For instance, we see Rick go through the hell of a ride from flowing into a sewer to fighting guards. 

Meanwhile, one of the crucial element was the parody that the Pickle Rick episode represents on the upfront. The fighting scenes are resembling John Wick and Die Hard as the violence, bloodshed, and gory scenes in animation. Including how a seemingly harmless pickle builds deadly weapons just like Wick. 

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Last but not least the most amazing part of the episode was the action sequences in the sewer where Rick has a lethal fight with rats. Then escape the sewer via jetpack landing in a secure compound. People who haven’t noticed these elements in the episode before would find this astounding that Pickle Rick was actually a hidden gem. All the seasons of Rick and Morty are currently streaming on Netflix. With the next season to make its arrival on the platform soon. 

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