Harry Styles Is Ruling Over Netflix and ‘How It Ends’ Is Just Another Proof of It

Harry Styles Is Ruling Over Netflix and ‘How It Ends’ Is Just Another Proof of It

He first stole our hearts with his bandmates in One Direction. A voice that definitely stood out from the crowd, Harry Styles always came through and knocked out his solos. Even after departing from his immensely popular band, the singer still created an individual name for himself in the music industry. Even Netflix movies couldn’t help but exist in the era of Harry styles.

Come on, Harry, we DO NOT want to say goodnight to you!

Harry aka Hazza-has-our hearts since time immemorial quite metaphorically and literally. How explosive his persona and mentality can be that even movies nowadays have started reflecting their obsessiveness with his songs. There are a number of Harry Styles references in many of your favorite films that you failed to notice. But worry not, as we bring it to your notice right here! In a recently uploaded YouTube video, a fan pointed out a banner promoting one of his songs in the movie, How it ends. Also, in the beginning, we see a banner with “Treat people with kindness” and “Do you know who you’re written on it.”

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Fans are amazed at the number of hidden Harry Styles songs Netflix has but we’re on it. As it was in the video, there’s another movie, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, where eagle-eyed viewers of Netflix have spotted a Harry Styles’ tiny cameo in the rom-com. And it’s not unknown to anyone that Anna Tod’s After, which has become an entire franchise in itself, began as fan fiction for Harry. Leave alone references. Harry himself has been in a number of blockbuster movies like MCU’s Eternals and his upcoming film with Florence Pugh, Don’t Worry Darling. Also, not to forget his outstanding role in the world war movie Dunkirk.

Harry Styles has been the definition of the perfect blend of contemporary music with a tinge of yore

Apart from all of the fame and glory, the way Harry remained true to his vision, always bringing on his best for his fans, is just amazing. In the era of modernized music, which slowly takes away all the essence of true melody, Harry Styles is one such persona who’s able to transcend the decades and add a much more modern twist with some of his own production. But at the same time, it always feels like he takes us into a whole different realm where he rules, and we just peacefully live in it.

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