Keanu Reeves’ “coolest sh! T” ‘BRZRKR’ Will Be on Netflix as an Anime Series and Movie

Keanu Reeves’ “coolest sh! T” ‘BRZRKR’ Will Be on Netflix as an Anime Series and Movie

Not many know that John Wick star Keanu Reeves has a comic book called BRZRKR. The action star now plans to turn his comic book property into an anime and a live-action movie for Netflix. Netflix had initially made the announcement last year but since then has remained entirely tight-lipped about the two projects. Quite recently, the actor made an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con. There he shared further details about his deal with the streamer and how his two projects are coming along. 

Keanu Reeves to star in the live-action of BRZRKR while Ghost in the Shell produces the animation  

The violent and bloody BRZRKR follows a half god and half mortal cursed warrior B as he tries to unravel the mystery behind his curse and existence while fighting bloody battles for the US government. Keanu Reeves collaborated with Matt Kindt and Ron Garnet to bring the comic book to life under Bloom!.

Netflix is turning Keanu Reeves' BRZRKR comic into a live-action movie and anime - The Verge

The actor revealed that the popular Japanese animation studio that produced the critically acclaimed Ghost in the Shell, Producing I.G, is currently working on turning the comic into an animated series. Since the actor is actively involved in the project, we can definitely look forward to him lending his vocal talent to the anime. 

As for the movie, The Matrix star will himself headline it. Due to the hyper-violent nature of the comic, the film will remain an R Rated movie and will diverge from the original narrative. Mattson Tomlin, who worked on The Batman recently, was also roped in to work on the screenplay. 

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Is there an official release date? 

Details are still very scarce and Netflix has not revealed any official release date for either of the projects yet. However, we are most likely to get another John Wick sequel before we get a first look at BRZRKR live-action or anime. 

The actor had further admitted to watching anime when he was a kid. His interest in the genre resurfaced when he was introduced to Akira and Ghost in the Shell while he was filming The Matrix. 

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