40 Million! Fans Cheer for The Weeknd for Receiving More Streams than the Grammys

40 Million! Fans Cheer for The Weeknd for Receiving More Streams than the Grammys

The Weeknd has garnered more attention this year’s than Grammys. At least that’s what the streaming numbers say. The Toronto-born singer is one of the most loved artists, known for his retro style, and almost nostalgic music. Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, who we know as The Weeknd, first rose to prominence with his song Wicked Games back in 2011.

The artist went on to win several awards, including the American Music Award, BET Award, and Billboard Music Award, as well as a couple of Grammy Awards. But the singer who was visibly absent from this year’s Grammy Awards seems to have outshined the Award night. His fans are now cheering him over it.

Fans cheer for The Weeknd as he outshines The 2023 Grammy with more streams

The Grammys is one of the biggest nights for the entertainment industry, certainly for musicians. But The Weeknd managed to grab more streamers than the star-studded Award show. PopCrave tweeted about how The Weeknd received more than 40 million views which were more than the Grammy’s viewership. Fans in the comments were thrilled and started cheering for the artist over this number. One fan stated that the number given is just from the Spotify music app. While another one mocked the Awards by referring to the show as scammys.

Although one commentator made comparisons to show how Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny received more streams and attended the show. While The Weeknd has previously attended the Grammys and even performed at the show, he has been boycotting it. Back in 2020, the Starboy singer failed to earn any nominations for the award. He was visibly upset and even posted a Tweet on November 25, 2020, about how the award show remains corrupt.

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The singer added, saying that he and his fans deserve some transparency as well. Even Hotline Bling singer Drake criticized the Awards for snubbing his fellow artist. Both Canadian singers have previously boycotted and refused to submit their music for nominations. Kanye West, Machine Gun Kelly, Zayn Malik, Adele, etc are some of the famous singers that have called out the event’s selection nomination process previously.

Do you think the comparison between The Weeknd’s streaming numbers and Grammy’s viewership is relevant? Share your opinions in the comments.

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