‘4 minutes per hour’, Netflix Ad Supported Plan Priced Between $7 And $9 Is Coming Later This Year

‘4 minutes per hour’, Netflix Ad Supported Plan Priced Between $7 And $9 Is Coming Later This Year

The revolutionary streamer of entertainment has always been very particular with their decisions and services. As we saw, even after facing the biggest losses in Netflix’s history, they never stopped binge-watch style. This strategy was once successful in bringing subscribers but eventually turned into the reason for the loss because people could simply watch their favorite shows and leave the platform the next month.

Eventually, they lost about one million subscribers in the second quarter. So after meditating much on what strategies could halt the crises they were constantly experiencing from the start of the year, they finally decided to take up the ad policy and suggested what the prices would be.

Netflix has decided to introduce the Ad support plan later this year

According to recent reports, it has been revealed that Netflix is coming up with its plan to release Ad Support plans in the year ending. The plan is created with the focus on bringing new subscribers who wish to watch the show at lower prices. Netflix Inc. is apprehending to keep the price between $7 and $9, which will be half the current plan. Currently, the platform charge viewers $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99 per month.

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However, after the drop in prices, Netflix still wishes to offer viewers a satisfactory experience in terms of content because they do not want to frustrate viewers with constant advertisements. Many other streaming services feature ads every 10 and 20 minutes of watch time. Therefore, they might opt for “4 minutes per hour,” and one advertisement won’t repeat itself.

Meanwhile, in a recent mail Netflix sent to The Verge, spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka stated that it is “all just speculation at this point.” Even Bloomberg also shared the streamer’s assumptions of plans as they are still planning on cheaper plans.

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The competition, password sharing problems, and content complaints there are so many issues the streamer is handling. Netflix is facing turbulent times, and they just hope that this will bring a revolution for them.

What do you think will the streamer retrieve its lost glory? Will this $7 to $9 plan work for a giant streamer like Netflix?

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