Bond Girl to Blonde- Ana de Armas Describes Her Transformation to 50s Hollywood Icon Marilyn Monroe

Bond Girl to Blonde- Ana de Armas Describes Her Transformation to 50s Hollywood Icon Marilyn Monroe

Cuban actress, Ana De Armas is making headlines for her transformation in Netflix’s upcoming Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde. The actress proved that none but her was perfect for the role. We finally get a glimpse at the Ana De Armas’s Marilyn in the latest Netflix trailer. 

Andrew Dominik’s Blonde is based on Carol Joyce Oates’ book. The director promised to create an unfiltered version of the tragic heroine’s story no matter how offensive the content is to viewers. This has earned the movie an NC-17 rating making it the first Netflix flick to get such a rating. 

Ana De Armas is stunning in the iconic Marilyn Monroe red lip

The Bond girl has both the looks and the acting chops to pull off a character as legendary as Marilyn. She has effortlessly transitioned into that role as we see her rendition of the classic Monroe moments – the white billowing skirt from The Seven Year Itch to that magenta pink dress from Gentleman Prefer Blondes. The No Time To Die actress sports a red lip and blonde hair as she laughs looking at herself in the mirror. There are moments in the trailer that also shows the other side of fame as Ana struggles against the throng of fans waiting to get close to her. 

Monroe had lost her sanity while chasing her dreams of Hollywood. She struggled with addiction and drugs and her failing health. This is also reflected in Ana’s portrayal of an unhinged Monroe. So far it looks like Ana has a grasp on the complex woman that was Marilyn. The NC-17-rated movie promises to give a us raw and unpolished look at the Some Like It Hot star.

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Blonde is the most “daring unapologetic, and feminist” take on Marilyn Monroe

Ana De Armas explained, “The most daring, unapologetic, and feminist take on her story that I had ever seen.” She also added, “He (Andrew) wanted the world to experience what it actually felt like to not only be Marilyn but also Norma Jean.” 

The movie premieres globally on Netflix on September 23.

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