3 Reasons Millie Bobby Brown Can Be the ‘Iron Man’ of the ‘Stranger Things’ Cinematic Universe

3 Reasons Millie Bobby Brown Can Be the ‘Iron Man’ of the ‘Stranger Things’ Cinematic Universe

We happen to live in a Golden Age of Television.” With the lines between TV and cinema blurring by the nanosecond, this quote by The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon couldn’t be any truer. And, this phenomenon will only expand now that cinematic universes with unending narratives are slowly becoming the norm. In the same vein, with whispers about a Stranger Things Cinematic Universe, one wonders about the fate of this world’s resident superhero, Millie Bobby Brown.

In an interview with Variety, Shawn Levy, executive producer and director of the show, hinted, “Yes, we are building out the STCU.” By his own admission, Levy is “learning a lot about how to manage a universe” from shadowing Marvel’s chief creative officer, Kevin Feige. The news of the STCU comes at a great time with Netflix’s flagship show ending with season 5. It would have been a shame to see the world intricately crafted by The Duffer Brothers go to waste.

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Granted, Marvel had the first mover advantage, swiftly followed by DCEU, but today there are already 9 other cinematic universes brewing. If we add Stranger Things to the list, we might just get our Never-Ending Story set in Hawkins/Upside Down, with Eleven leading the pack. Does that mean Millie Bobby Brown might be the Iron Man of this world? Let us find out.

Parallels between Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven and Iron Man

While their abilities might place Eleven and Tony Stark on opposite sides of the spectrum, their hero’s journey brings them closer. The 2008 Iron Man set the base for a world with Avengers right up till the end of Marvel’s Phase 3. Captain America might be the First Avenger, but Iron Man was the first hero.

Similarly, Eleven is our introduction to the supernatural in Stranger Things’ quaint town of Hawkins. In this case, Vecna/Henry might be 001, but Eleven is our original superhero. Additionally, both characters were held captive against their will at some point in their life. While the Ten Rings captured Tony Stark in Afghanistan for his superior weaponry, Eleven was a test subject at Hawkins Lab under Dr. Brenner.

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Both of their ultimate escapes are crucial turning points that contribute to their origin stories. Last but not least, the two leads have had rather murky pasts pertaining to their parents. While Martin Brenner took Eleven away from her mother for experiments, Tony lost his parents to a HYDRA assassination.

Do you agree with our Millie Bobby Brown might be Iron Man theory? Let us know in the comments below. Stranger Things is streaming on Netflix should you need a refresher.


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