3 Reasons ‘After Ever Happy’ is a Must Watch vs 3 Reasons It Is Just a Forced Film To Pull The Franchise

3 Reasons ‘After Ever Happy’ is a Must Watch vs 3 Reasons It Is Just a Forced Film To Pull The Franchise

The final shipment of the After series finally arrived at the port on September 7, 2022. After Ever Happy takes viewers back to the streets of London where Tessa and Hardin last embraced. Although the franchise does not have many favorable reviews from critics yet they continued to create more sequels. However, some faithful viewers love to watch this steamy romance that gets complicated at times. People thinking about watching this movie should consider some things before streaming. SPOILER ALERT! Here are three reasons that will pick your interest and three reasons that it is just a forced film to pull the franchise.

Netflix’s After Ever Happy is standing at the point of culmination

After We Fell revealed the identity of Hardin’s real father that shakes him to the core. Now the penultimate part has so much to say about the final destiny of this chaotic couple. After Ever Happy dives deeper into the insecurities that have been haunting Hardin. Meanwhile, Tessa who was always trying to mend his broken pieces finally steps back to take some time off.

So, here are three reasons to watch the movie and three reasons this installment felt forced.

Disclosure of Aftermath

Viewers who have watched all the previous parts of the movie would be curious to know what fate this couple has. Because this is the time when Tessa and Hardin are on the brink of breaking.

Chemistry between actors 

The hot chemistry between Josephine and Hero has been the key element of this franchise. Fans love to watch this quarreling couple who cannot remain apart for a long time. We have seen how they have the habit of getting back every single time.

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Even though the reviewers and critics didn’t receive the franchise well, they still have a big fandom that follows the storyline. Fans prefer erotic and romantic love and invest their time in the After series.

On the other hand, one might find absurd and overbearing things in this franchise, especially with the latest installment.

Constant hardships

In all the previous parts, we have seen that Tessa and Hardin never had a stable relationship. They have flickers of romance before a new bomb dropped over their heads. It always seems very toxic how Tessa has to handle the traumatic past and alcohol addiction he has just like she does with her father.

Abrupt and forced endings

From the first installment, viewers haven’t got a moment of relief or joy because there is no proper flow of events. Moreover, all the parts have unsatisfying endings as they are always fighting, and then they again come together in the end.

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Predictable plotline

The story of this explosive and unhealthy #Hessa is predictable for many people because of their constant break ups and patch ups. And there is certainly no surprise element in the movies like the classic story Hardin is a guy going through his complicated life with Tessa trying to support him. However, things mostly happens the same way and ultimately, they end up together.

After Ever Happy will arrive on Netflix in 2023 following a theatrical release. If you have watched all the previous parts you might like the final call of this adorable couple.

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