24 Million Followers, Yet No Reaction! Henry Cavill’s Instagram Inactivity May Have Major Reasons

24 Million Followers, Yet No Reaction! Henry Cavill’s Instagram Inactivity May Have Major Reasons

Do we really need to talk about the legacy of Henry Cavill? After all, one does not need to say much about the actor. Even people with barebones knowledge of cinema can back the fact that they’ve at least heard Cavill’s name, if nothing else. And recently, the actor accomplished another milestone as he reached 24 million followers on Instagram. However, as strange as it sounds, he did not have any reaction to such huge news. But why?

Apart from speculating about the roles Cavill would play in future, fans have been curious to know about the actor’s absence from social media. After reaching such a huge follower count on social media, many other actors would pen down a huge note expressing their gratitude to the fans. But Cavill did nothing of that sort. The actor has never been away from social media for so long. It seems like the Enola Holmes star has distanced himself from Instagram. And there might be a huge reason behind it.

Ever since Cavill stepped away from The Witcher, multiple reasons behind his exit flooded the internet. And, some toxic fans had even started calling out his girlfriend Natalie Viscuso as the culprit behind the actor’s sudden exit. Despite no evidence to back the fact that it was her doing, she faced serious backlash. Owing to that, the actor’s social media absence has been tracked back to the toxic behavior of the fans.

On the other hand, another speculated reason behind the actor’s absence might be his upcoming Warhammer project on Amazon Prime. It is surely possible that the actor is going all in to make his comeback to our screens a big one.

When Henry Cavill called out the fans for their toxic behavior

It might surprise you to know, but not long ago the Enola Holmes star addressed the toxic behavior of fans. The British actor took to Instagram as he defended his girlfriend against the Instagram trolls. In the caption, Cavill wrote how the assumptions the fans make about his personal life are just not “true.” Furthermore, he added that even though he appreciated the fans’ concern, it was time that they stopped it.

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Do you think the fans trolling Natalie Viscuso is the reason behind Cavill’s social media absence? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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