2001 Film Featuring Julia Stiles That Made Everyone Groove Is Now on Netflix

2001 Film Featuring Julia Stiles That Made Everyone Groove Is Now on Netflix

Best known for her character, Kat Stratford, in the classic movie 10 Things I Hate About You, the American actor Julia Stiles has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. In her acting career of over two decades, the 41-year-old has experimented with many genres, from drama to comedy to dance and romance. The versatile actor has some of the most iconic rom-coms in her arsenal while she has also featured in Emmy Award-winning shows.

Julia Stiles kick-started her acting career with a periodic role in the children’s mystery show Ghostwriter while it was the 1997 movie The Devil’s Own that marked her debut on the big screen. Though the success of the 10 Things I Hate About You film helped Julia land other roles, it was a different film that established her as an actor. And the good news is that now you can stream the iconic Julia Stiles movie on Netflix. Scroll down to know with which movie Julia Stiles charmed everyone as a professional ballerina. 

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Netflix acquires the rights to this famous movie starring Julia Stiles

If you are a Julia Stiles fan, the chances of you not knowing about the 2001 film Save the Last Dance are negligible. The romantic drama deserves all the credit for making Julia a genuine star. Save the Last Dance movie is one of a kind, and now Netflix users are just a click away from emerging themselves in the romantic relationship of Sara and Derek

Netflix streaming Save the Last Dance has to be the best news for all the romance movie bluffs. Starring Julia Stiles in the leading role, the film by Thomas Carter is all hearts. It follows the journey of Sara Johnson, a young midwestern girl, who aspires to be a ballerina someday. 

A sneak peek into Save the Last Dance

Sara is all set to chase her dreams, but the sudden death of her mother causes turbulence in her life. The young lady is forced to move with her father to Chicago. Being one of the few whites in a predominantly Black neighborhood, Sara goes through a range of emotions.

There is another turnaround in the protagonist’s life when she gets infatuated with an African-American Derek. The two bond over their mutual love for dance and soon get into a relationship. However, it is easier said than done. The interracial romance between Sara and Drake draws flak from all of their friends and acquaintances. The story perfectly depicts how the love birds navigate through their lives and protect their love from all the evil eyes. 

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If the gist of Julia Stiles’ Save The Last Dance has left you intrigued and excited, then what are you waiting for? Go stream it right away only on Netflix

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