10 ‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Theories To Keep You Thinking About What’s To Come

10 ‘Squid Game’ Season 2 Theories To Keep You Thinking About What’s To Come

Netflix’s Squid Game focuses on a group of indebted players who compete with each other in a series of children’s game to earn money. All these events lead to shocking revelations and the season closed with numerous open-ended questions. And now viewers have so many things to engage themselves with until the next season unfolds every single mystery. Will fans get all the answers in Squid Game season 2? Will the upcoming season satisfy people’s building expectations? 

Unanswered riddles that viewers are restlessly waiting to resolve in season 2 of Squid Game

Although, season 2 is still under production so fans can take a deep breath on that as we might receive it next year. But after the glorious success of the show, fans around the world have been burning their minds with questions and even more theories. Listed below are ten such fan theories.

The Front Man’s chasing

This theory has insanely been a topic on social media. Fans are wondering if The Front Man aka Hwang In-ho wanted his brother to look for him and expose this deadly game to the world. Did he purposely leave the invitation behind so that his cop brother could reach him? Maybe season 2 will answer.

Han Mi-Nyeo and Deok-Su’s death

Season 1 portrayed the death of this couple quite fashionably as they jump off the Glass bridge hugging each other. However, it was not Deok-Su’s idea to suicide but Mi-Nyeo wanted to take revenge on him as he ditched her in the game. And fans are constantly betting that one of them is still alive, as we do not get to see their dead bodies in the end.

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The old man’s connection to Gi Hun

The old man seems to have a soft corner for Gi Hun the entire season as they have a unique connection. He tells Gi Hun how the game started before dying. Viewers see them spending a lot of time together. And now everyone is wondering if that Old man might be related to Gi Hun.

Exposure to the game

After winning the game, Gi Hun decided to expose the game to the outer world. As he leaves to meet his daughter and ex-wife in America, he sees the recruiter trying to get another sod into the game. Unable to resist, Gi Hun decides to expose the game and calls the number when the Front Man persuaded him to do no such thing. Front Man’s clipped reply over the call could indicate that maybe The Front Man himself tried to do the same thing in the past but failed somehow.

The mastermind

In the marble game, the old man faked his death when Gi Hun defeats him. However, we know that he was the mastermind behind this game all along. And when season 1 ended with his death, viewers do not seem to believe this, as they think he might have feigned his death again.

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Sang Woo’s sexuality

Sang Woo seems to have a soft corner for Ali in the whole season. And he helps Ali in Seoul because he is a compassionate man. But viewers doubt his sexuality and wonder if he is secretly homosexual. They feel that it was never clarified because of the South Korean culture.

Cop Guy’s mysterious death 

After the officers get their hands on Hwang Jun-hu, who infiltrated the island to find his brother, it is revealed that The Front Man is his brother, who then shoots him…but on the shoulder. And he falls off the cliff but we don’t see his body anywhere. This made fans wonder if Jun-hu survived the fall.

Charming Subway Recruiter

The recruiter is the character who sets people up for this game and he seems to enjoy this brutal journey. Viewers have this idea that he certainly has a connection with The Old Man. This connection could explain why he has been working for him to trick characters.

NK Defectors 

The guards wearing red robes look like soulless creatures, who remain indifferent to violence. They are always seen as calm in the face of any terrible scene as if they are used to such horrible things. This has led fans to believe that perhaps the guards are North Korea defectors, who have already witnessed terrible things in their lives, making them jaded.

Gi Hun’s new role 

We saw that Gi Hun won the game and wishes to uncover this inhumane practice going on the island. Therefore, the audience is presuming that he might use Jun-hu’s tactics to infiltrate the game. Maybe he will disguise himself as a guard and expose the game, but will The Front Man fall for it again?

Do you have any Squid Game season 2 theories as we await the next season? If you haven’t watched season 1, find it right away on Netflix!

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