10/10! Excited Fans Rate Rihanna’s Superbowl Halftime Performance as Singer Announced Pregnancy on Stage

10/10! Excited Fans Rate Rihanna’s Superbowl Halftime Performance as Singer Announced Pregnancy on Stage

Adding to the thrill of the Superbowl each year is the glitz and glamor of celebrity performances. Rocking the stage this year was none other than Umbrella singer Rihanna. The singer had been asked to perform during previous years as well, but she rejected it because of some reasons. This year, however, the entertainer became the highlight, taking the stadium and the internet by storm.

The State Farm Stadium at Glendale, Arizona expected to sit with nearly 73,000 fans, was lit up. The entire crowd was in cheers as the Grammy-winning actress took up the stage, making a comeback after months. But the singer also carried a surprise with her.

Fans cheer after Rihanna lights up Superbowl LVII’s halftime show with a surprise

Riri has made a comeback, and there was no other occasion like Superbowl for it. The singer who was dressed in all red, blazed the levitating stage as she began singing her sensational song B**** Better Have My Money. The new mother continued to touch her stomach as she sang her songs. Her nearly 14 minutes performance immediately spread like wildfire on the internet, and Twitteratis are going gaga over it. 

Riri’s massive fan base gave her performance a 10/10, with one commentator accepting how the only reason they watched the Superbowl is for the halftime performance of the Live Your Life singer. While the internet also celebrated her announcement of a second baby. So not only is she a new mother, but she was also pregnant during the energetic performance.

Some of the other hits that she performed for the event were Rude Boy, We Fund Love, Work, Pour It Up, etc. The singer released her first song in 2005 and remains one of the biggest icons of generations since then.

Her comeback show comes as a double win for fans of the singer and the Kansas City Chiefs. As halftime even happened during the match between Kansas City Chiefs match against Philadelphia Eagles, as they beat with a score of 38-35. Apple music’s halftime show came to an end with fireworks in the sky over the sound of cheers.

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How much would you rate Rihanna’s halftime show on a scale of ten? Put your thoughts in the comments.

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