“1 of us”- Hugh Jackman Shares a Cryptic Message to Take a Jibe at Ryan Reynolds

“1 of us”- Hugh Jackman Shares a Cryptic Message to Take a Jibe at Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds is a huge star and enjoys a massive fan following around the world. Owing to the success and fame that surrounds the actor, he is often invited to a number of events and shows. And naturally, the Deadpool star was exhausted and once fell asleep during an event he attended with a number of people, including Hugh Jackman. However, Reynolds’ little nap did not go unpunished.

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman share one of the most hilarious bromances in the history of Hollywood. Over the years, the two have gone back and forth with their pranks at each other. Although Jackman and Reynolds share a deep admiration and respect, the two never miss chances to take a jibe at one another. And recently, the Wolverine star took to Twitter to call out Reynolds for falling asleep via a cryptic post.

Hugh Jackman roasts Ryan Reynolds again

Jackman recently took to Twitter with a cryptic post to reignite his friendly feud with Ryan Reynolds. The Logan star posted a throwback picture of his time at Deutsche Oper Berlin in 2017. However, the actor did not fail to call out Reynolds, who fell asleep during the event. In the cryptic tweet, Jackman wrote, “6 of us went to the opera. 1 of us fell asleep.” Without directly naming anyone in particular, the star concluded, “You know who you are.”

While many of the fans in the comments even accused Jackman of being the sleepy head. However, instead of firing back at Jackman as many of us would have expected, the Deadpool star played along with the joke.  In response to the tweet, Reynolds tweeted a straight-face emoji, quietly accepting the accusations.

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Meanwhile, following Reynolds’ reply, the fans hilariously called out the actor. While some fans revealed they were not surprised to hear Reynolds’ name, others called him a character from the new “Dead Drool movie.”

Meanwhile, it was very entertaining for the fans to watch the old frenemies joke along with each other after a while. Not long ago, Jackman was bewildered after Reynolds’ Spirited nomination for the Best Song Category. As of late, Jackman and Reynolds are both gearing up for the much anticipated Deadpool 3. As we all know, there is a lot of hype surrounding the third installment.

And recently, Reynolds even received an uncanny request for Deadpool 3 from a journalist. The film is all set to premiere worldwide on 8th November 2024.

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