1.17 Billion Worth Lebron James and Dwyane Wade to Collaborate on a Mega Netflix Project

1.17 Billion Worth Lebron James and Dwyane Wade to Collaborate on a Mega Netflix Project

Dear fans and followers of the NBA, you are once again in for a treat! Netflix has reportedly helmed the film about the U.S. Olympic Men’s basketball team. Executively produced by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, it will look to restore national pride at the Beijing Games. Apparently, A USA Basketball team led by Larry Brown in 2004 was disappointing on its way to an Olympic bronze medal in Athens. It led to an overhaul of USA Basketball– Jerry Colangelo took over directing the organization, Mike Krzyzewski came in as coach, and players provided a multi-year commitment to the sport. As a result, the “Redeem Team,” comprised of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James, won the gold medal in 2008.

The streaming giant saw its chance to provide yet another fascinating basketball narrative and hence the movie. On Friday, Netflix, in collaboration with the International Olympic Committee, announced that the documentary would make its debut this fall. If you are excited enough, here’s everything you need to know about it

LeBron James along with Dwyane Wade is all set to premiere The Redeem Team on Netflix

As mentioned above, the 2008 Olympics was a remarkable victory for the American Basketball team. The movie will tell why exactly the team is called redeemable. It will go behind the scenes of the matches. It will air interviews and portray the team efforts that took to achieve such a remarkable victory.

“What makes [the Redeem Team] significant is that, unlike every American basketball team, these guys had lost not once, not twice, but three times… The bloom was off the rose with USA basketball,”The now-legendary team had to deal with some really important and deeply personal stakes, according to Weinbach. “I wanted to remind people why it was a redemption,” Weinbach further says about the false assumption that American basketball has always been dominant.

Dwyane Wade also explains the challenges they faced to change the worldwide perception of NBA and USA Basketball. He is also extremely excited for everyone to have a sneak peek into all the work that resulted in the formation of this iconic team. What makes the story of Redeem Team a must-watch is also the same that makes any other sports story great. “It’s a human story that also happens to be [about] sports. It’s a story about a team, [but] it’s also personal. They wanted to prove something to themselves, to the world, and to each other,” believes the director.

This is yet another step by Netflix to prove its interest in the sports world. The streaming giant already changed the history of Formula 1 sports, and it seems like it is now a never-ending journey.

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As you conclude reading this article, do not forget to put an October 7 reminder, as The Redeem Team makes its debut only on Netflix.

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