“That was my biggest fear…” Ryan Reynolds Shares His Feelings About Making a Comeback as Deadpool

“That was my biggest fear…” Ryan Reynolds Shares His Feelings About Making a Comeback as Deadpool

“Life is an endless series of trainwrecks with only brief, commercial-like breaks of happiness.” Ryan Reynolds knows this dialogue all too well. The actor’s break of happiness as a superhero was the success of his superhero movie Deadpool. But to get there, he had to go through some wrecked attempts in the past.

Although Deadpool received record-breaking reception, leading to a sequel Deadpool 2 in 2018, this came only implying certain changes. Reynolds shares thoughts on these changes and fears he had when making Deadpool.

Ryan Reynolds on what went wrong previously

The 2016 comedy-action superhero movie’s success was a result of many things. But mainly, it was the superhero’s unique character unlike many from his league. Deadpool is a skillful assassin, mercenary, and swordsman but most of all, he is extremely witty. One-liners from the movie have drawn a fan craze. This shows the importance of the character’s speech abilities.

According to a source, he told Hollywood Reporters, “I’d been in the comic book arena before to no real success and I thought, “Wow if this doesn’t work, I’m going to let people down.” That my biggest fear was just letting folks down who loved this character,” during an interview while promoting his football club Wrexham.

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Deadpool’s zipped mouth opened a door to a lot of criticism in X-Men Wolverine (2008). This was before Ryan Reynolds soloed in the action hero movie. He had his share of concerns when making Deadpool. Thankfully, the makers heard the feedback and worked on it while making Deadpool. The other reason is his unsuccessful break as a superhero in the DC Comics Green Lantern (2011). The movie was criticized for having an overuse of special effects, unorganized flow, and several other reasons.

Plans and upcoming projects of the Deadpool actor

Ryan’s plate is full now that he is busy making the docuseries about his club Wrexham on Netflix as well as the movie Deadpool 3. Disney will now be owning Deadpool 3 since its takeover of Marvel movies from 20th Century Fox. The movie is likely to add to a group in X-men mythos, X-force.

The movie is said to be released in February 2024. And just as in the previous Deadpool movies, the makers hopefully continue to make improvements. Do you have any recommendations for them? Comment and let us know.

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