Is ‘The Sandman’ Safe? Fans Worry About the Neil Gaiman Show Following Netflix Reversing Its Decision to Renew Inside Job

Is ‘The Sandman’ Safe? Fans Worry About the Neil Gaiman Show Following Netflix Reversing Its Decision to Renew Inside Job

Netflix continues to tick people off with the abrupt cancellations of beloved shows. The recent Netflix original to get axed was none other than the adult sci-fi animated sitcom, Inside Job. Netflix had previously renewed the show for a second season, but a sudden reversal has distraught fans. With Netflix’s becoming too unreliable, The Sandman fans cannot decide whether to trust the streamer. 

Previously the streamer had experienced massive backlash for canceling Warrior Nun and 1899. Both shows enjoyed steady viewership even if they didn’t dominate the Netflix charts.  

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Fans are anxious over The Sandman season 2 despite the official renewal status 

The Sandman debuted last year in August to huge positive acclaim. The dark fantasy show is based on Neil Gaiman’s comic book of the same name. Adapted after nearly 30 years of struggle exclusively for Netflix, the streaming platform renewed the show for a second season in November. But with the kind of stunt that Netflix pulled with Shion Takeuchi’s Inside Job, it’s a valid reason for fans to be over the edge until new episodes drop on the streamer. 

However, Neil Gaiman has stated that he is overlooking the series script, and it’s still a work in progress. He has further teased that Boyd Holbrook and Jenna Coleman will return as The Corinthian and Johanna Constantine, respectively. Moreover, he has expressed his desire to bring Delirium for season 2 and create a spin-off show for Constantine. However, there is no confirmation about a spin-off yet. 

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Inside Job is a delightful satire set in a world where conspiracy theories were facts. Both subscribers and critics praised the work comedy; however, it seems the positive response was not enough for Netflix. Even though fans will not see more of our American-born Japanese idealist, Ridley, they hope to continue the adventure with Dream. 

But it’s important to note here that Netflix renewed it for more episodes, not an entire second season. Are you worried about The Sandman’s fate as well?

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