Simone Ashley “empathized with Kate” but Charithra Chandran Found Edwina and Herself “Quite Different”

Simone Ashley “empathized with Kate” but Charithra Chandran Found Edwina and Herself “Quite Different”

Netflix hit it big with Shonda Rhimes’s period drama, Bridgerton. It was already big in the first season, but it became a phenomenon in its second season when it brought the Sharma sisters to the screen. Fans loved the love triangle between Kate, Edwina, and Anthony. It catapulted Simone Ashley (Kate Sharma) and Charithra Chandran (Edwina Sharma) to superstardom overnight. The girls became household names. They essayed their respective roles with the conviction that fans see similarities between their real and reel selves. Both Chandran and Ashley have finally given their two cents on the matter.

Charithra Chandran and Simone Ashley on their characters in the regency drama

Charithra Chandran expressed that she is “quite different” from her onscreen character, while Simone Ashley rooted for Kate. The former played the sweet ‘diamond of the season’, that every bachelor in the Ton had eyes for. But Anthony Bridgerton had her heart. Unlike her sister, she believed in romance and fairytales. However, the actress in real life is actually quite “guarded”. 

She explained, “I think it takes a lot of bravery to see the best in people, and to meet people with an open heart and an open mind. I guess I can be a bit guarded.” Edwina readily lets people in, which is why Kate tries to protect her. While some people may brush Edwina’s openness off as naïvete, childishness but Chandran sees it as brave.

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On the other hand, Simone was empathetic towards Kate. Kate had it harder than Edwina, and as a result, was too hard on herself. She was fierce, cynical, and sarcastic but was extremely protective of her sister. Even though she fell for Anthony, she was willing to sacrifice her love for her sister. Some might have thought her stupid, but the actress thinks it’s “an act of survival“.

Watch Kate and Anthony’s whirlwind romance unfold in Bridgerton season 2 

Bridgerton made a big splash with season 2. It shifted the focus from Daphne Bridgerton to Anthony Bridgerton in the second installment. The oldest Bridgerton after having his heart broken was ready to settle down in a loveless marriage only to fulfill the duties to his family. But then, Kate Sharma entered with her sister, Edwina, and sparks began to fly.

Bridgerton is currently streaming on Netflix.

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