Netflix’s New Series Q-Force Backfires on Social Media

Netflix’s New Series Q-Force Backfires on Social Media

Netflix announced its LGBTQ+ cartoon series Q-Force a week ago. Why did the show receive negative backlash from the audience?

The world’s leading streamer has been expanding its reach each day with both licensed content and original titles. In that context, the streaming giant offers lots of various shows and movies from different genres. In a huge library where everyone can find what they want, it is only natural for Netflix to have millions of subscribers around the world.

With that said, Netflix plans to release new TV series to represent the LGBTQ+ society more. One of the series focusing on a group of LGBTQ+ spies has been announced a week ago. The trailer has landed on the official YouTube channel of Netflix. The trailer video has been watched more than half a million and it has also received 7 thousand likes and a whopping 70 thousand dislikes. With the comments criticizing the upcoming series, we can say that the show has met with a huge backfire. The LGBTQ+ community has described the series as anti-LGBT propaganda too. Why is that though? And what is the release date for Q-Force and what is it about?

What is Q-Force about?

The upcoming cartoon follows a band of spies who are all members of the LGBTQ+. They are not only spies but they also have different types of sexual preferences. Though it seems like they are only defined by it. What the community wants is to have a similar story, but without the extreme amount of cliche. Not every homosexual individual talks like the character in the trailer video. Or we do not see every LGBTQ+ person wearing high heels and talking in an exaggerating tone.

Representation With Heavy Stereotypes

There is a difference between a character who happens to be a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a character who is represented by this sole fact. When LGBTQ+ said that they wanted more representation in the entertainment industry, they definitely did not mean this. Although Q-Force has not landed on the popular streaming platform yet, the stereotypical characters in the official teaser video were more than enough to make people angry.

Who is in the Q-Force cast?

The executive producers of the upcoming cartoon series are Gabe Liedman, David Miner, Sean Hayes, and Michael Schur. They also served in great TV shows like Parks and Recreation, The Office, and The Good Place. Here are the actors in the Q-Force cast:

  • David Harbour as Agent Rick Buck
  • Gary Cole as Director Dirk Chunley
  • Gabe Liedman as Benji
  • Sean Hayes as Steve Maryweather 
  • Patti Harrison as Stat
  • Laurie Metcalf as V
  • Matt Rogers as Twink
  • Wanda Sykes as Deb 

What is the release date for Q-Force?

The new cartoon series focusing on queer spies will land on Netflix this year. The streaming giant has announced the release date in its teaser video. The release date Q-Force is September 2, 2021. Though we do not know whether the series will get a second season or not. We will have to wait for some time to hear new details about a possible Q-Force season 2.

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