Henry Cavill to Return to the Big Screen, but Not in a DCEU or a MCU Project

Henry Cavill to Return to the Big Screen, but Not in a DCEU or a MCU Project

Henry Cavill has played more iconic roles over these years than some actors do in their lifetimes. The way he dilutes himself into every character he plays on screen is why every director wants him in their films. So it is no surprise that most lead roles come his way now and then. And now it seems like Cavill has won himself the part of another iconic character from a renowned franchise.

Apparently, the Man of Steel is in talks with Universal Pictures to take the role of one of the most classic characters. Here is what we know so far.

Henry Cavill to star in the upcoming Frankenstein movie?

As per certain proven and trusted sources, Henry Cavill might be the lead choice for the role of Frankenstein, the scientist who creates a gruesome monster assembled from body parts and brings it to life. Based on a novel by English novelist Mary Shelley, the first Frankenstein movie dates back to 1931.

Directed by James Whale, Sci-fi/ horror film Frankenstein (1931) was a commercial success upon its release. It also gave segue to several sequels and spinoffs. Moreover, the film has had a substantial impact on pop culture too. The Enola Holmes actor is currently negotiating with Universal Pictures for the role in a new reboot of the film.

Cavill is no stranger to taking on classic roles and iconifying them. From Superman in Man of Steel to Geralt of Rivia in The Witcher, the Mission Impossible actor has not limited himself to being associated with only one role. Universal Pictures has been looking for a way to modernize classic monsters, and casting Henry Cavill in one of the films would be a significant step.

What role would Cavill play in the movie?

Starring Cavill in Frankenstein raises another doubt: What role would Cavill be a fit for? Over the years, the actor has starred in various muscular roles. Furthermore, his muscular physique will perfectly complement him if he takes the part of the monster.

On the other hand, it will be fun to witness Cavill play Doctor Henry Frankenstein, the main protagonist and a driven man of science. However, Cavill as Igor, the hunch-backed lab assistant to Doctor Frankenstein, is not out of the equation either.

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What role in Frankenstein do you think Cavill would be suited to? Do let us know in the comments below.

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