Henry Cavill Reveals One Major Thing in ‘Enola Holmes’ That Inspired Him to Get Into Sherlock’s Character

Henry Cavill Reveals One Major Thing in ‘Enola Holmes’ That Inspired Him to Get Into Sherlock’s Character

Henry Cavill really loves getting into the character. The role of Sherlock Holmes has been brought to life by several actors across the years, but doing justice to it is no easy task. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 1887 creation remains a timeless classic, so any remake requires a good eye for every detail so the viewer is taken back in time through the viewing experience.

The same is the case of Enola Holmes. The Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill starrer may be centered around Sherlock’s sister Enola, but his character remains important nevertheless. Cavill, who loves to dive deep into his work, reveals what helped inspire him to play the detective in this time period flick.

Henry Cavill reveals the source of his inspiration for Enola Holmes 2

Enola Holmes 2 is set in the decade of 1880s. In modern days, it gets tougher to reimagine and remake the magic of the Victorian era. For Henry Cavill, what helped were the details of the movie’s set. In an interview, he revealed what it was like shooting, especially in 221B Baker Street. The actor was clearly mesmerized by the set, and how it takes you into another period. “It’s an extraordinary place filled with all sorts of contraptions and devices and things you would find in a museum.” There were so many tiny details that some of them did not even make it into the movie’s cut.

The Witcher actor dwelled on how he would hang around on the sets even during the break and found comfort and said “I would just relax there and soak it all up.” The apartment on Baker Street is supposed to be Sherlock Holmes’s dwelling, where he does all his research and occasional antics. It is a place where many of the Holmes adaptations were shot. So, the makers of Enola Holmes recreated this set for the movie when showing Sherlock’s story.

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After the success of the first part, Enola Holmes 2 was released on 4th November 2022. It has become even more successful than the first part. You can stream the movie on Netflix now.

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