Netflix Is Adding Yet Another Documentary to Its Catalog-Jeen-Yuhs, a Documentary About Kanye West

Netflix Is Adding Yet Another Documentary to Its Catalog-Jeen-Yuhs, a Documentary About Kanye West

For fans of Kanye West, the streaming giant is dropping a documentary about Kanye West, Jeen-Yuhs. It chronicles his rise to stardom. Viewers will see a young Kanye as he struggles to do what it takes to become a rapper and producer in the American music industry. 


The final part of Jeen-Yuhs is a bit heavy and is devoid of the optimistic tone that the first two parts had. It shows a Kanye who let fame get to his head. The new Kanya now mingles with the billionaires and after achieving his goal as a rapper-producer is now eyeing the White House.

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Jeen-Yuhs release date

Netflix will be dropping 3 episodes every week, starting from February 16. The documentary was shot by his friends, Coodie and Chike who have been following him since 2002. The documentary contains four-hour-long montages involving his dear mother, Madison square garden concert, recording for Jay Z and his presidential campaign. 

In the first two parts, we see a 25-year-old underdog Kanye. He knows that his ticket to fame lies in getting featured on a Jay Z song, which he achieves after he plays demos for Biggs Burke and Chaka Pilgrim and records for JayZ’s Blueprint 2. 

Kanye’s fall out with Coodie and Chike

The pair lost touch with Kanye after he decided to hire Hype Williams for his next music video, Jesus Walks. 

 “It was disappointing for the simple fact that we were day-to-day before he really blew up. He knew my dreams—we used to talk about our dreams. But then I understood, his dream was one day, I’m going to get a Hype Williams video,” says Coodie.

During this time, he also lost his mother, Donda West, who was his biggest supporter. Donda’s death in 2007 also served as a catalyst in their breakup. 

He adds, “Losing Mama West as well, that was a catalyst to our separation because she [always made sure] to be like, ‘Coodie, come over here.’”

The Reunion in 2014

The friends reunited in 2014 in Calabasas. Coodie explains, “We have seen the difference between the real him and Kanye the superstar. We love him. It doesn’t matter. You still love him.”

Coodie had originally wanted to release the documentary in 2006, but Kanye was determined not to show the ‘real Kanye’ to the public. The documentary would have been released sooner if the Powers That Be hadn’t gotten involved. Also around the same time, Kanye was hospitalized during the Saint Pablo Tour. 

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