Netflix Introduces Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood Heroes with a Sneak Peek

Netflix Introduces Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood Heroes with a Sneak Peek

As many of us know, Dota 2 is about to come to Netflix as an anime adaptation called Dota: Dragon’s Blood later this month. And the show features well-known Dota 2 heroes from the game. But it also turned up that Dragon’s Blood will also be introducing us to some new faces as well. Where do we know that? Netflix has just released a sneak peek where they introduce the anime series’s heroes to its waiting fans!

Earlier this day, Netflix’s anime YouTube channel has shared a new clip called ‘Meet the Heroes‘ of Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood with the help of Dota 2 YouTuber SirActionSlacks. So the video gives us the lore behind some of the Dota universe’s beloved and most played heroes, such as Dragon Knight, Mirana, Invoker, and more, along with a rundown on the backstories. Also, SirActionSlacks also points out that, “while any Dota fan knows these heroes, only some lore nerds like myself will recognize the other characters briefly mentioned in the Dota games. But, in Dragon’s Blood, these characters are given life for the first time.”

Which heroes we will be seeing in Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood?

One of the characters we’ll see in the anime adaptation is ‘Selemene‘. She is the Goddess of the Moon, who also worshipped by Mirana. ‘Selemene’ is also described as “some, pure evil – the great usurper – but, to others, a savior, the healer of the broken,” that mostly equals a figure of conflict. It’s still unknown what role does she have exactly in Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood, but the brief clips of her show while she is interacting with Mirana as they wield serious power. So, this possibly means that she will be one of the key characters of the story.

According to the clip, there will also be the eldwurm Slyrak. For those who are not familiar, eldwurm is a kind of dragon who’s super-intelligent with the abilities of frost, fire, and poisonous breath. And it’s also Dragon Knight’s, Davion, companion. Although Dota lore shows Davion merge with his companion Slyrak, whether this will be included in the anime or not is still remains unknown. But on the other hand, we know that a representation of the element has been made as “Slyrak is fire.”

What about the new faces that are coming to Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood?

As another good and surprising news, there are also totally new faces on the upcoming anime to be introduced as well. And each of them will their own backstories presented that bring them to this world. SirActionSlacks explains the newcomers with these words,

“Dragon’s Blood features a slew of new characters, each with their own lives and backstories, which bring this world to life. Folks like a bodyguard called Marcie who is a very strong, though silent character, and Bram – Davion’s very chatty (and “not strong at all”) squire. Additionally, there are new gods, such as the old Goddess of the Moon, still worshipped by the elves, as well as an “elf blessed with forgotten power.” And it seems all of them are going to be chasing a prophesy to help this goddess return.

Furthermore, there will also be a badass character, Kaiden. He is also a dragon knight and the only man who has slain each type of dragon along with tackling an eldwurm. So after all, he walks away to tell the tale. The YouTuber adds that there will be more of them as well. But they are left to find out throughout Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood.

Dota 2: Dragon’s Blood will land on Netflix on March 25th, 2021.

So, you can check out the clip down below to get a glimpse of those new faces and more details about them. Let us also know what do you think about those new developments along with your feelings for the anime which almost here to meet us. You can also find out more about the show details from here.

We’ll keep you updated as we get more news and details of the show, of course!

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