Netflix Has Two Far Cry Animated Series In The Works

Netflix Has Two Far Cry Animated Series In The Works

It is great news for the video game community around the world as Netflix is making not one but two Far Cry animated series.

Netflix has been very keen on releasing new TV series and animation series from the video game world. The popular streaming platform does not only offer lots of great documentaries about games, but it also adapts the amazing stories from many video games.

Recently, the leading streaming service has announced lots of new projects. The announcement includes two Far Cry animated series as well. We already know that a project inspired by the Far Cry franchise was on its way. But it seems like another one will arrive on the platform.

The title of the first Netflix Far Cry series is Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix. And the creator and the executive producer of the series is Adi Shankar. The upcoming animation will share the theme of Blood Dragon, one of the least known games in the Far Cry franchise.

Netflix Far Cry Animated Series Release Date

We do not know the release date of Far Cry adaptations yet. Because the world’s leading streamer has a lot of productions on its plate. Ubisoft and Netflix have joined forces we are going to see many TV series in the future as well. But we do not have any information regarding the exact release dates or the order of these shows.

Though we should note that Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix will consist of six episodes. And the production of this title in its early stages.

Far Cry Anime Release Date

The second Far Cry series is pretty distant from its release date. Except for the announcement that it is in production, we do not have any other details regarding the Far Cry anime cast, synopsis, and trailer. Like we mentioned earlier, there are a couple of other video game animations on the way including Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed, and many others.

About Far Cry Franchise

Far Cry is one of the most famous FPS series of all time. The first member of the franchise was released back in 2004. Now the games have a long way and the most recent title will launch this year. Far Cry 6 will also star the talented actor Giancarlo Esposito as the villain in the game.

So it is no surprise that Netflix is working on adapting video game stories into TV series. If the cast and the crew stay loyal to the games they are adapting, the video game world will definitely appreciate both the developers and the streaming platform.

Captain Laserhawk: A Far Cry Blood Dragon Remix Trailer

You can watch the remix trailer below!

Adi Shankar has shared a trailer video on his YouTube channel. Though it is more of a test of what we are going to see, Captain Laserhawk seems like an 80s cartoon with cool stuff and a brilliant art style. And it definitely feels like a mission cutscene from the actual game.

Moreover, there are many other projects on the way other than the Netflix Far Cry animated series. So the agreement between Ubisoft and Netflix is not the only example. The world’s leading streamer is working with Konami, CAPCOM, CD Projekt RED, and Blizzard as well

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