Netflix Got Exciting News For Anime Lovers!

Netflix Got Exciting News For Anime Lovers!

No one can’t deny that animes are one of the most anticipated genres, which takes us into whole different worlds during watching and gives us thrill in so many ways. And Netflix doesn’t seem to stop producing well-crafted stories to keep every type of viewer entertained. The beloved streaming platform has come bearing with gifts for anime lovers!

There have been too many new and also old shows added to the Netflix library this year, such as Record of Ragnarok, The Way of the Househusband, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, Yasuke, Eden, and more. And it seems those were just the beginning. Netflix announced during Tokyo’s AnimeJapan 2021 Expo that it has huge plans for its upcoming anime projects.

According to the streaming platform’s plans, Netflix will premiere around 40 anime projects this year if nothing goes wrong. This actually means it will be doubling the number of anime shows and movies the company released during 2020. It also has revealed its involvement with an anime adaptation of hit Japanese manga “Record of Ragnarok” along with its premiere date, which will be in June this year. And there is more!

Netflix Coming Back to This Year’s All Virtual Anime Series

During the Expo, Netflix also provided local fans with cast news and updates on other shows. It mentioned the previously announced titles including the comedic, slice-of-life series “The Way of the Househusband,” premiering April 8, 2021, and the animated “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness,” which will debut later this year. And the streaming platform has also teased a new glimpse of another upcoming project of its “Yasuke,” which will air on April 29, 2021, along with other anime series, “Eden” to be scheduled to arrive on May 27. On the other side, there were also attendants of beloved Japanese voice talents, Tsuda Kenjiro from Househusband, Kono Marika from Eden, and Morikawa Toshiyuki from Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

Netflix also stated that “Eden” and “Yasuke” are both “brand new stories brought to life by a wealth of international creators, further strengthening Netflix’s ambitions to diversify their lineup of original anime by working with top creators from both in-and outside of Japan,”

So, all the exciting news of new and confirmed anime projects of Netflix shows that it will be bringing around 40 new anime series in 2021. That makes almost double its anime quotient of last year’s lineup. And four months have already passed since the year began. So the beloved streaming platform has been really working like a bee to develop too many projects. During those hard times that we are all passing through, Netflix manages to feel everyone that it is here for us to get us well entertained with lots of options. Thanks to them, we don’t have to get bored in our lack-down world but dive into whole different and enchanting worlds.

You can look over here for new anime series and movies coming to Netflix in April 2021 and here for other detailed anime news and more. And please stay tuned as we share you news of all upcoming projects of Netflix as soon as we get them!

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