Netflix Best Mother’s Day Movies – Best Movies to Watch on Mother’s Day

Netflix Best Mother’s Day Movies – Best Movies to Watch on Mother’s Day

Netflix best mother’s day movies list offers a great way to spend time with your mother on this special day. Check out our recommendations.

Yet again, movies and series have become our best companions in these harsh times. We are fixed on our couches to watch another movie to escape the difficult reality of our world and of course, the pandemic.

And due to the outbreak, you can’t take your mother to a nice restaurant for mother’s day. But it is always great to watch a movie together so that you can cry on your shoulders like you used to do. So luckily, we’re here to list the best mother’s day movies that you can watch on Netflix.

Netflix Best Mother’s Day Movies

Mother’s Day

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Directed by Garry Marshall, Mother’s Day bears the same name with the special day. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Kate Hudson, Julia Roberts and many more, Mother’s Day would be a great choice to watch with your mama.

Instant Family

Genre: Comedy

What is the recipe for an instant family? Ready the snacks for some casual movie time with your mother. She will probably keep saying that forming a family is not that easy throughout the movie.


Genres: Book Adaptation, Drama

Another gang of mothers unites on Mother’s day to give a lesson to their sons. Starring Patricia Arquette, Angela Basset and Felicity Huffman, this movie will make you appreciate your mother much more.

Marriage Story

Genre: Drama

Th academy award-nominated movie Marriage Story tells about marriage with all of its dirty and glorious sides. Marriages are brutal but they are also wholesome. That’s why it is an amazing alternative to watch it with your mother as she always says that marriages are hard.

The Life Ahead

Genres: Book Adaptation, Drama

The Life Ahead tells the story of two distinct people. The story of an elderly Jewish woman and a young Muslim boy shows us what strong bonds can do. This is why it is a great pick for Mother’s Day.

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