Netflix announces Witchercon with CD Projekt Red

Netflix announces Witchercon with CD Projekt Red

Netflix announced its new event with CD Projekt Red, named Witchercon, which is evidently a convention all about The Witcher.

Netflix Geeked Week is coming to an end with big announcements. After showing us a bunch of news about various geek content from the streaming platform, Netflix announced an unexpected event. They are going to hold a convention about The Witcher, together with The Witcher games’ developer CD Projekt Red. Apparently, Netflix and CD Projekt Red are going to talk about series and games in The Witcher universe. The event is going to take place on July 9th and July 10th. There is not much specific information about the convention, however, we can make some guesses.

What to expect from Witchercon?

Witchercon is going to feature making-of of The Witcher production, exclusive first looks, and interactive panels. You can check out its official website here. We also have some other theories as to what we can expect.

We already know that Netflix has some The Witcher projects lined up for the future. Those works include the main The Witcher series’ next season, the spin-off series The Witcher: Blood Dragon, and a Witcher anime movie. CD Projekt Red, on the other hand, is working on The Witcher 3‘s next-gen version right now. That being said, the studio is also in the pre-production processes of some unannounced titles, which may include a new The Witcher game.

While we can expect Netflix to drop some new information, possibly the trailer for The Witcher season 2, and teasers for the others, the hype for CD Projekt Red‘s show is not that high. That’s because they most probably won’t announce a new game. Besides, news about the next-gen version of The Witcher is not interesting at this point. However, there are no specifics announced as we mentioned, and this leaves us with an element of surprise. So, it’s best to wait for the Witchercon to happen, and watch it to learn what awaits us.

What about The Witcher season 2?

While the trailer for The Witcher season 2 is more than likely to be released during Witchercon, we can check out other details surrounding it. The most exciting news about the next season of The Witcher is the new teaser. They shared this short teaser trailer for The Witcher season 2 during Netflix Geeked Week, and it was enough to fire up the fans. It seems to be focusing on Ciri, though the scenes are quite short. Check it out below.

If you’re waiting impatiently for The Witcher season 2, we’ve got some good news for you. Because there is not much left until the release, as the season is going to be on Netflix in Q4 2021. They are probably going to show us the official trailer of the new season in Witchercon, even though it’s not for certain yet.

As for The Witcher: Blood Dragon and the anime movie, we don’t have much information in our hands. Witchercon is the perfect opportunity for Netflix to introduce them, though. The streaming platform has been silent about those two lately. Therefore, we can see teasers or some cast announcements for those productions on July 9th in the scope of Witchercon. Again, there’s nothing official about that right now, and those are all educated guesses.

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